The Shield

Alex N. 21 & Carolyn A. 21

Seniors’ Last Day

Elena H, Mercy Beat Reporter May 3, 2021

Graduation. Graduation is a big day. A huge day, if I do say so myself. I have been longing for this day ever since I could remember. My parents always talked to me about high school. My curious mind always...

Teenage Girls And Social Change

Teenage Girls And Social Change

JD V., Editor March 1, 2021

This women’s history month, let’s talk about teenage girls and the social changes that they’re causing. In 2021, teenage girls are organizing protests through social media, leading marches in their...

Screenshot of a club meeting on Teams

Awareness for the Black Awareness Club

JD V., Editor February 1, 2021

The newest addition to Mercy’s clubs and organizations is the Black Awareness Club, a club created to educate and inspire advocacy in the Black student body. It is also a safe space for students to share...

Footlighters VS COVID

Azana W., Art and Culture Reporter November 2, 2020

Coronavirus has changed everyone's life drastically. From only having school online to social distance circles in stores, there's no doubt about it. We can definitely see a change in the Mercy community....

June 1, 1965 edition

Wrapping Up the Year…55 Years Ago

Heather Shanty, Editor May 20, 2020

Here’s a look at one of the last editions of the Shield during Mercy’s 1965 school year. For more Shield throwbacks, click here. The Shield staff wishes that you all have a great rest of the school...

“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” By Mercy’s STEM Teachers (Pt. 1!)

Heather Shanty, Editor March 23, 2020

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is among the most popular questions asked by relatives, strangers, and relatives who may as well have been strangers, alike. Having had a rehearsed answer...

March 23, 1964 edition

On This Day in History…

Heather Shanty, Editor March 23, 2020

Check out what Mercy’s students were up on March 23, 1964— 56 years ago on this day! For more throwbacks from The Shield, click here.    

Mercy’s Generous Donation to the Hoffberger Breast Center!

Mercy’s Generous Donation to the Hoffberger Breast Center!

Heather Shanty, Editor December 16, 2019

“On Tuesday, December 10, the Sophomore Women in Medicine students delivered a check for $650.00 to the Hoffberger Breast Center. The money was collected throughout the month of October and included...

November Club Happenings!

November Club Happenings!

Heather Shanty, Editor November 13, 2019

Ensemble Players- “We’re playing Christmas music at Savage Mill Mall on December 1 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Feel free to come on down to support us! We’re also continuing to prepare for the Christmas...

Brooke R. 20, Liv B. 20, Kelley S. 20, Emily R.21, and Emily L.22 as the Scoops Troop from Stranger Things

2019 Halloween Bonanza!

Kelley Scott, Author November 6, 2019

Here are some of the best costumes from the Halloween dress down day 2019! Visit Mercy high school's Facebook account (@mercyhighschoolbaltimore) or Instagram account (@mercybaltimore) to see more...

Truvy’s Beauty Parlor

Before the Curtain Opens: Behind the Scenes of Steel Magnolias

Heather Shanty, Editor November 4, 2019

On the weekend of October 25, Mercy’s Footlighters put on a modern take on the 1987 classic Steel Magnolias, a play that follows a group of six women— Truvy, M’Lynn, Shelby, Annelle, Ouiser, and...

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