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Animal Care at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London

Pandemic Pets & Their Petrifying Parallel 

Mikaela T., Sports Writer and Editorialist May 19, 2021

I watch lazily as the evening news runs through the typical political and CDC updates. About 20 minutes later it finally catches my attention; a story on puppies. Yet, it wasn’t the “feel good” story...

Countdown to Graduation

Countdown to Graduation

Elena H, Mercy Beat Reporter March 17, 2021

As we all know, graduation is on the horizon. The class of 2021 has been waiting for this moment for years, and it is almost tangible. One quarter left as high schoolers. It hasn't been an easy ride. Covid-19...

By Harke - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Happiest Season Movie Review

JD V., Editor December 24, 2020

I am an adamant holiday movie hater, but Happiest Season may just change my mind. Plot wise, it’s a typical meet-the-parents, Christmas rom-com telling the story of Harper (Mackenzie Davis) taking her...

Snyder, Brian, and Julio Cortez. “Donald Trump and Joe Biden Faced off in Their First of Three Presidential Debates before Election Day in November.” Abc Net News, 2020,

Joe Biden VS Donald Trump: Policies

Elena H, Mercy Beat Reporter November 19, 2020

  As we all know the 2020 Presidential Election went down in history. It is very significant, and it put the entire country on edge. But there are more than just two parties and more than just...

Sharenting: Where Is The Line?

Sharenting: Where Is The Line?

Meg Kennedy, Staff March 18, 2020

"Sharenting," or oversharing your child's life on social media, has become more and more of an issue as our years online grow. We all have that family member known to share every second of their child's...

Update on Trump’s Impeachment and Where Prosecutors Fell Short

Update on Trump’s Impeachment and Where Prosecutors Fell Short

Sara Matvey, Editor March 11, 2020

Since the impeachment inquiry began in September of this year, an abundance of new information has come forward. There were many hearings from key players in the case, which is where many believe the case...

Media Bias in the Modern World

Media Bias in the Modern World

Meg Kennedy, Author December 9, 2019

As we grow into young adults in a world brimming with information, it becomes less about the search for knowledge and more about the sort. Try to type a random topic into Google. You will find thousands...

Impeachment Free Response

Sara Matvey, Editor October 9, 2019

Impeachment is defined as calling into question the integrity or validity of someone or something. Recently a congressional inquiry for the impeachment of President Donald Trump has begun. Speaker Nancy...

Opinion: Honest about Lying

Opinion: Honest about Lying

Maya Kempf-Harris, Editor May 23, 2019

As pointed out in a CNN editorial recently, a common defense for inaccurate information from the White House is the idea that “all politicians lie”—that is, because it is thought that no politician...

College Application Advice from a Senior

College Application Advice from a Senior

Maya Kempf-Harris, Editor May 13, 2019

After going through a long and involved college process myself, I decided to compile the kind of list I wish I'd had when I began my college search and decision journey. While some of the headers may...

The Indifference in Women Sports

The Indifference in Women Sports

Cassidy Roberts, Staff March 20, 2019

In the Mercy community, people have wondered why Calvert Hall College was getting their second turf field while Mercy remained with none. It is very common for men’s sports to be more recognized and...

Washington Post

Opinion: Republican Principles are Up Against the Wall

Maya Kempf-Harris, Editor February 13, 2019

After writing my last article, “A Perversion of Strength,” I thought about other ways that President Trump’s attitude toward border security has uprooted a more traditional political approach. Beyond...

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