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Teenage Girls And Social Change

Teenage Girls And Social Change

JD V., Editor March 1, 2021

This women’s history month, let’s talk about teenage girls and the social changes that they’re causing. In 2021, teenage girls are organizing protests through social media, leading marches in their...

“Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license”

Friendships in 2021

Grace B. and February 1, 2021

As Valentine's Day approaches, many of us, after the long year we just had, may be dreading this holiday of “love” and “relationships.”  Social distancing has made it easy to stray away from relationships...

Keeping Peace During the Holidays

Keeping Peace During the Holidays

Azana W., Art and Culture Reporter December 24, 2020

When we first found out about COVID-19, we knew little to nothing about it, which caused panic. Americans bought out all the toilet paper, cases of water, and canned foods they could find. During this...

Self Care While Online

Grace Bennett, Author November 2, 2020

According to the American Psychological Association, Self Care has never been more important than it has been throughout this pandemic. While being quarantined at home these past months, it has been...

The Coronavirus Has Altered Our Lives

The Coronavirus Has Altered Our Lives

Elena Hoag, Mercy Beat Reporter November 2, 2020

As we all know, CoVid-19 has affected all our lives in drastic ways. We no longer attend school in person, and we must constantly wear masks. This virus has changed the way that we live. And probably will...

Reprioritizing While Remote

Mikaela T., Sports Writer and Editorialist November 2, 2020

In the first few weeks of school I found myself using the limited time in between classes along with my free periods  to catch up on sleep. With my sleep schedule still suffering from this past summer,...

Advice from a Senior

Advice from a Senior

Sara Matvey, Editor May 23, 2020

Senior year is supposed to be legendary. I guess you can say that mine was. While it was far from perfect, I still managed to enjoy my senior year, even without Field Day. Here is what I wish I knew before...

These are the trees outside my window that continue to make me feel alive during lockdown. Recently, I have been sitting near my window and listening to the birds while I  do schoolwork.

Time Moves On and So Will We: A Personal Essay

Meg Kennedy, Staff May 12, 2020
Whether or not I'm doing "important things" or being productive, time goes on. The clocks don't stop but they also aren't here to judge you. Whether or not you're in bed all day or up at dawn working out, time and life won't judge you. This time to ourselves is ours.
How College Students and Mercy Girls are Coping with COVID-19

How College Students and Mercy Girls are Coping with COVID-19

Kelley Scott, Author April 29, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, school has moved online, and our normal lifestyles have changed dramatically. Anxiety has risen due to the uncertainty of the current situation, and boredom has filled...

Coronavirus: Social Distancing and Anxiety

Coronavirus: Social Distancing and Anxiety

Emily Fitz-Patrick, Author April 26, 2020

If you go to Giant, Food Lion, Costco, or wherever you get your groceries, you’ll notice that empty shelves which used to be overflowing with toilet paper are now empty. You’ll notice that milk, eggs,...

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