Busted Blockbuster

October 16, 2014

This summer was the worst for movies since 1997. Summer is normally a big income season for the film industry because children are out of school and people want to escape the grueling summer heat. Summer movies usually average around $3.9 billion but ticket sales have declined by 11% this year. As cited by Jake Coyle, in the Orange County Register, Dan Fellman, head of the domestic distribution of Warner Bros., says that “maybe we had a lot of titles that looked good on paper.” Summer movies just did not deliver this year; they caught eyes with trailers but were not nearly as attention=grabbing in theaters.

A majority of the movies released this summer were sequels (22 Jump Street, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Think Like a Man Too, etc.) which may have played a key role in the decline in ticket sales. Brook Barnes, from the New York Times states that viewers “may have had a nasty case od déjà vu.” With each summer people want to see something new. Sequels are an extended plot from their predecessor, so it is nothing new to anyone. Also many times sequels do not sell as well as the first. With there being about 11 major movie sequels in theaters this summer ticket sales took a plummet for the worse.

Critics are also claiming that many of the films released this summer were similar to movies that had already been released years before. People do not want to pay to see a movie they may have already seen. Fresh ideas were just not prevalent this summer. With the generations changing, critical taste in movies is also changing, so the reboot of older movies will not excite people now as it did in previous years.

This summer decline should tell the directors that viewers do not want to see sequels and reboots, they want something original. The film industry can save itself next summer by presenting viewers with fresh material and appealing to newer generation. With the next summer movie season beginning the last week of May next year, there have already been three promising movies announced that critics and viewers have deemed worthy to see (Star Wars: VII, The Fantastic Four and Jurassic World). With the help of reviews of the summer movies, the film industry should be able to repair the busted blockbuster.

Comment Below: Were you expecting more from summer movies? What do you want to see from movies in this coming year? Are you expecting more from film industry with this coming holiday season? Did you enjoy the sequels that were released this summer? do you go to see movies in theaters or wait until they come out on DVD or on Netflix?

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