Artistic Accomplishments


JD V.'22

Day and Night by JD V.’22

Azana W. '21, Art and Culture Reporter

Covid has definitely made it a challenge to learn new things. Personally, I’ve experienced Wi-Fi shutting off, apps randomly closing, and my laptop randomly restarting. Art students have especially had it hard. Not having access to the hands-on training can make it difficult to grasp new art techniques. Below are some reflections from Mercy’s art students about their struggles and the valuable lessons they learned this year.

What is your favorite medium of art?

Alice C. ’22: Currently, my favorite medium of art is ink because of its precision and clearly defined line work.

Arryn B. ’22: My favorite medium is either graphite or inking.

JD V. ’22: My favorite medium would probably just be pen or pencil and paper because they allow me to do all kinds of line work and work with intricate details.

What is a challenge that you overcame pertaining to your art class/program?

Alice C. ’22: I have been virtual all year so far, and one of the challenges I faced in art class is not having the necessary art supplies at home. Everyone has different materials, and sometimes assignments need special materials like printmaking tools. However, we were eventually able to think of creative ways to use other alternatives and materials to complete our projects.

Arryn B. ’22: Finishing my AP art portfolio on time.

JD V. ’22: Definitely finding materials and working in a smaller space. Since I’m just working at one desk in my room, I had to go around my house looking for anything that I could use, including makeup, and looking up online pictures to make up a new concept.

Is there any new art technique that you learned due to having art classes online? Will you use this technique in the future?

Alice C. ’22: I find perspective drawings and techniques interesting. We watched YouTube videos to learn about vanishing points, horizon lines, and how to draw from a certain angle and degree. I will definitely use this in the future! Perspective techniques are important in creating depth and 3D space and I plan to develop my skills in this area.

Arryn B. ’22: We honed our proportion techniques/mark making even more despite it being virtual; this is an important skill needed if you chose to venture off to any medium. I also improved in my inking skills as well.

JD V. ’22: Not really a new technique, just one that I used more often, incorporating more line work and patterns with a select group of colors. This way I was making use of the limited supplies I had while still creating a visually interesting piece. I will be using this technique in the future. I got to experiment with patterns and textures that I might have been too afraid to work with, and now I want to have them present in more of my works.

What is your favorite piece you’ve made this year?

Alice C. ’22: My favorite piece so far is the grandma drawing I submitted for the Art Gallery this year. I was able to use charcoal to draw a somewhat realistic portrait, and I am happy with how it turned out. The drawing reminds me of my grandmother and her warmth!

Arryn B. ’22: There is this ink piece that I created called “Gunita” that answers our assignment, “what sparks joy?” Every detail represents a memory that I have that sparks joy within me.

JD V.’22: My favorite piece was probably a series of responsive drawings we did to a playlist about our quarantine experience.

Despite the struggles, Mercy art students have pushed through tough times and created wonderful art, and even participated in an art show! I am so incredibly proud of our community’s progress and accomplishments this year. Please enjoy some of the incredible art created by our students during quarantine.