Spring Fling!


Samantha W. ‘21, Kayla T. ‘21, Natalie V. ‘21, Faith G. ‘21

Since COVID-19 hit us with a storm last year, schools all around the nation, including Mercy have been struggling to find ways to implement fun activities to help students get into the school spirit.  Since Mercy was unable to partake in their annual traditions such as homecoming, Ring dance, and the Pin dance, the administration, faculty, and student council had to really put their heads together to think of an idea that would allow the girls to celebrate in a different way and be safe. The brainstorm of all these creative minds came up with the “Spring Fling,” a special celebration that all could enjoy. The ingenious idea of brining of the food trucks and a snowball trucks were a huge hit. The food was delicious and the snow cones hit the spot. Another original idea was the picture wall, with the logo of 2021 and balloons, where the students could pose with their friends and show their silliness and express their good cheer.  Along with all of these elements, music and dancing also made the entire night a fun-filled and memorable event that everyone who attended will remember for years to come.

I asked multiple students what their favorite part of the night was. Kyleigh F. ’23 said, “My favorite part of the night was the pizza and getting to spend time with my best friends.” Katie K. ’22 and Sara G. ’22 said that the “Kona Ice truck” was their favorite part of the night. Lastly, Samantha W. ’21 said that her favorite part of the night was “getting to see some of my friends that I haven’t seen in person in over a year and getting to enjoy the night with them.” Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy seeing all their friends and had a great time.

This school year has been far from the norm, with virus restrictions and the absence of the usual traditions of Mercy High School, but the general consensus is that the “Spring Fling” was a true success. On behalf of all the students at Mercy, I’d like to give a big “shout out” to all those who organized, planned, and spent many hours making this happen for the Mercy community. A big “Thank You!” from all of us.