Spring Project: Nature Is In Me!


Azana W. , Art and Culture Reporter

Most of the world has been locked inside our houses for almost a year, and quarantine has made us forget how beautiful the outside world is. Personally, I’ve forgotten how sunsets feel, how sweet flowers smell, and the comforting sounds of rain during car rides. As spring comes back around, we need to appreciate each aspect of nature and recognize that nature is an important part of each of us. Below is a project that encourages you to go out into nature and discover that nature is in you!

Spring Project: Nature Is In Me!

Supplies Needed: leaves, grass, twigs, flowers, glue, cardboard/canvas/sketchbook


1. Gather glue and a piece of cardboard, a canvas, or a piece of sketchbook paper.
2. Find a picture of yourself to use as a reference (optional).
3. Go outside, pick out twigs, flowers, leaves, grass, or anything that you want in your portrait.
4. Return back inside.
5. Look at all the things you gathered outside. How do you see yourself in nature? Refer to your photo. Are your eyes green like grass? Does your hair grow upward to the sun like flowers?
6. When you’re ready, begin your portrait by gluing your items on the canvas, cardboard, or a piece of sketchbook paper. Be creative! 

I hope that this project made you want to spend more time outside and appreciate the little things.