Countdown to Graduation

Countdown to Graduation

Elena H, Mercy Beat Reporter

As we all know, graduation is on the horizon. The class of 2021 has been waiting for this moment for years, and it is almost tangible. One quarter left as high schoolers. It hasn’t been an easy ride. Covid-19 came and shut down all of our plans for our years as upperclassmen. For students transferring from IND, feelings of disappointment were particularly acute. As Mercy gained new additions to their class, IND girls said goodbye to their home and found a new one. Mercy girls welcomed their IND sisters with open arms, and teachers transferring from IND, such as Ms. Jester, as well as Mercy stalwarts, such as Ms. Cummings, helped ensure a smooth transition. At Senior Ring, the IND girls were given a bracelet with a red charm, symbolizing their place in their class, no matter for how long and no matter the circumstances. 

Even with all the hardships, June 12 is still THE day for the class of 2021. No one and nothing can take that away from us. We deserve a day to celebrate! Whether it is on the Sisters of Mercy Field or the Cathedral of Mary our Queen, it’ll be a day to remember. A day to move on and reflect on the past four years. The good and the bad, the high and the low, are all of the reasons this journey has been so memorable for the class of 2021. Our rings, whether they be from IND or Mercy, received junior year or senior year, symbolize that our time in high school is almost over. They will remind us of all the times we spent together, regardless of where we spent our earlier years.

In March, the class of 2021 got to celebrate 100 days until graduation by playing dodgeball in the gym. We were given a goodie bag filled with candy, our class pins, class t-shirts, and other little things, but little things are important. These items and events, the planning that goes into them, and the thoughtfulness of the gifts, mean a lot. It was a night of class bonding and just a time to really sit and think about how close graduation is. 

If you see any members of the class of 2021 at school, congratulate them. It is almost their time!