Spring Slump


Summer is just around the corner and most seniors across the country are experiencing what is frequently called “Senioritis,” a lack of motivation among seniors after college acceptances are sent out. According to Amy Rubbens, a writer for Inside Higher Ed, students may experience something similar to Senioritis called “The Spring Slump.” Spring slump occurs in the weeks after spring break until summer, when students start to get worn out and tired of the draining school routine. Looking for a way to avoid your own Spring Slump? Here are some tips to stay motivated!


Celebrate Your Victories 

Whether it is getting a great grade on a test, making honor roll, or even having a good day at school. All victories big and small deserve to be celebrated, and in doing this you can develop a healthy mindset and reward yourself.

Detach Yourself Every Once In A While 

Letting yourself loose and doing non-school related activities can help you clear your mind and have fun. Stepping away from your screen and unwinding is extremely important especially nowadays, so in doing so you can improve your physical and mental health.

Routine Setting 

Setting routines can sound super cliche and may not seem relaxing but even planning out the most simple things can help you stay motivated and on track with not only your school work but your social life. 


Along with setting a routine for yourself, setting goals can bring excitement and motivation to your life as you may feel yourself losing your desire to do common things you’ve been doing all year such as; studying, doing assignments, or even attending classes. Setting small goals can give you some inspiration to tackle your school work.

Change Things Up

Instead of doing the same routine you may have set for yourself, make a new routine and do things such as; going to your online classes outside, going to a coffee shop to do your homework, or set up some of your friends to study and do homework together. Implanting new things in your life will help you stay motivated for the last couple months.

 Remember The Big Picture 

Why are you doing all this work? What is this for? Asking yourself these questions can remind you of your end goal and can get you excited for not only your future but something as simple as summer break.


With April being National stress awareness month, Bringing awareness to students’ mental health and how to cope with certain aspects of it is extremely important. Students tend to lose motivation around the last months of school because doing the same thing everyday for this past year can be mentally draining. Enacting some of the tips above can help you stay focused and engaged for the remainder of the school year.