Once an Oriole…


Edwin Remsberg, Alamy Stock Photo

Mikaela T., Sports Writer and Editorialist

En route to a college admissions tour, I cross the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. I find myself wondering what baseball team I’d be rooting for in the next 4 years. Though a self-proclaimed sports enthusiast, baseball fell low on my totem pole of favorites. A game I commonly found myself in attendance of, I frankly found boring.

Yet, I absolutely adored the atmosphere of the game. Seeing the sea of orange and a litter of opposing uniforms crowd into the stadium. Yummy aromas wafting in from the venders that lined the stadium.  Everyone with a smile on their face, despite the typical unfortunate score on the board above. Cheap tickets allowing people from all walks to attend the beloved event. It was the epitome of  miscellaneous. A bunch of strangers tied together by an invisible string of love for the game.  

The familiar echo of the concrete steps leading up to my preferred nosebleed seats (better for people watching) played in my head as I caught myself faintly smiling at the memory. Baltimore was my home, whether I wanted to accept it or not. And Camden Yards sat at the center of it.  

It didn’t seem right to me to even temporarily adopt another team into my heart. My fingers quickly found themselves scrolling through the Orioles upcoming season schedule. Marking when I could come home to catch a game towards the end of the season.  

I noticed the highly anticipated opening day was only a few weeks away, and graduation was following soon after. For seniors skipping town next fall, make sure to soak in and appreciate your home. I know you might be itching for a change of scenery, especially considering the circumstances. But remember, “In Baseball as in Life, all the Important Things happen at Home.” -Unknown