Baltimore Goes Back to School

As the United States comes up on a year of COVID-19, slowly but surely things are getting back to normal. Baltimore County Public Schools sent out a statement a few weeks ago that students will return back to school as soon as March 1.

  Since Mercy along with other Private and Catholic schools have been hybrid for a couple months now, Public County Schools are taking advice from us, who successfully opened back up in the late fall. I asked Ms. Marion, Dean of Students, how Mercy has been a model for other schools that are currently opening up, and she stated that Mercy had been preparing the hybrid model and taking care of all the percussions that needed to be taken care of before summer. There is a tremendous amount of preparation that goes into opening these schools back up.

  Baltimore County Public Schools look to Mercy as an example for what is the best and safest way to bring kids back to school. Here are some examples of the precautions that Mercy and other private schools have taken that these public schools are basing their hybrid model off of.

  • Understanding technology, making sure that the teachers are able to teach students that are in class as well as students at home
  • Cleaning, rearranging the class rooms and cafeterias so that the seats are six feet apart
  • Enforcing the students to remain six feet, and making sure students mask on correctly
  • Medbot and making sure that every student that enters the school isn’t showing any symptoms and is feeling their best.

These along with many other precautions ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Baltimore County Public Schools plan of action is much like ours was, but it will take longer to get every grade into the school. According to The official Baltimore County Reopening plan, teachers and staff will return to school to prepare on February 16. The week of March 1 preschool through grade 2 will attend first, followed by a couple weeks later another section of students will attend, and lastly all grades following a hybrid schedule will be in the classroom by April 6.

  With all this talk of schools opening up there are questions about next year and if we will be back full time, the answer to these questions continue to remain unknown, but according to Ms. Marion Mercy is very hopeful and hopes to open up when it is safe, but will continue to always keep everyone’s safety first in their minds. According to The Centers for Disease Control about 11 million U.S citizens have been fully vaccinated, we are looking forward to an end of COVID-19.