Friendships in 2021


Grace B. and

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us, after the long year we just had, may be dreading this holiday of “love” and “relationships.”  Social distancing has made it easy to stray away from relationships and just focus on ourselves, but it’s important to remember that we all need each other, and that we should reach out often to our friends and loved ones to check on them and invest in our relationships. Here at Mercy, we believe that relationships are extremely important. Now more than ever, friends and classmates need to stick together as the Sisters of Mercy do.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Friendships Thriving through COVID (and Beyond!):

1. Obviously you’ve engaged in an occasional Zoom call or FaceTime call for school, or to keep in contact with a family member or a loved one, but having that face-to-face interaction with a friend is important too and can make it seem like you are really together conversing.

2. You can also plan fun (and safe) activities to do together, such as hikes, picnics, or virtual movie nights. Even cooking a new meal together while chatting virtually can be fun! One thing that my friends and I love doing is walking up to a field close to our houses and watching the sunset. Doing little things like this together have brought us closer and added excitement to our days that all seemed to be the same.

3. Lastly, texting your friends day-to-day to keep up with them can help build your relationship and keep it thriving, even when you are unable to see each other.

Although this is my first year at Mercy, I can tell from what I have experienced thus far that friendships are a huge part of the Mercy community. The stories from alumnae about how they still keep in touch with their high school friends and the bonds between current students demonstrate that sisterhood is important to who we are.

With all the different restrictions we are being faced with, students and faculty are trying to find ways for new students and returning students to build new friendships and strengthen old ones. During the junior class meeting, students were asked what activities we could partake in to safely get to know our classmates or even some fun games we could play to bring us closer together. Attending other meetings, such as club meetings or our advisory meetings, have also helped us stay in touch with our teachers and friends who we may not be able to connect with during online classes.

This Valentine’s Day, try to reach out to your friends or do something special for them, because relationships thrive on effort. This year more than most, it is important for all of us to stay connected.