Awareness for the Black Awareness Club

Screenshot of a club meeting on Teams

Kaila Davis

Screenshot of a club meeting on Teams

JD V., Editor

The newest addition to Mercy’s clubs and organizations is the Black Awareness Club, a club created to educate and inspire advocacy in the Black student body. It is also a safe space for students to share experiences and develop professional skills, such as networking, by leading discussions in small groups. The club sounded promising based on it’s brief description on the Mercy website, but it left me wanting to know more. I asked the club president, Elizabeth L. 21’, about how it was started, their mission statement, and where they see themselves in the future.

How was the club started and why?
Elizabeth: It was started after Dasia M. , Courtney P. , Tamiya P. , Gabby A. , Kaila D. , Kaitlyn G. , Karis W. , and myself attended the 5th Annual Sankofa Conference at the McDonough School. We discussed issues prevalent in the Black community and wanted to integrate what we found important into our own school community.

What topics are discussed during meetings?
Elizabeth: A variety of topics are discussed in order to be as inclusive as possible. Some examples include mental health in Black women, stereotypes, police brutality, and Black beauty. There are topics with negative connotations, but we also think it is important to have balance and speak on all the positivity surrounding the Black community.

What is the club’s purpose/mission statement?
Elizabeth: To provide a healthy environment intended to advocate and empower the Black student body and enrich school wide diversity. Our goal is to provide a safe space to share collective experiences, promote self-awareness, and discuss elements of the Black experience. It is also our hope to leave a positive impact on the Mercy community, with useful programming that supports advocacy and helps Black students develop professional skills for the world beyond Mercy.

Where will the club go in the future?
Elizabeth: Our intentions are to keep the club running for generations after us, continue to inspire young Black girls, and encourage diversity! We’re currently working on a school project in relation to microaggressions in hopes of working towards a more racially inclusive atmosphere. We plan to continue working diligently with the school to educate and inspire the student body, faculty, and staff.


With a project in the works, diverse topics discussed, and an ambitious mission, it is clear that the club and its students are doing great work. Hopefully, future students will continue what these girls started. Meetings are held twice a month, and anyone interested in joining can email Ms. Cheese at [email protected]