Magic Behind the Mask


Mercy Highschool Field

Mikaela T., Sports Writer and Editorialist

It’s evident that returning to school this fall has been anything but normal. Schedules, clubs, and sports alike have all been heavily altered in the interest of student and staff’s safety. “Though, the setbacks only strengthen the magic that runs through this community.”

The sports community has notably kept spirits alive as they continue to safely participate in numerous fall sports. “Magic Athletics” ignited excitement when posting a cryptic video in early October, teasing their long-awaited return on Instagram. The social media page actively posts games and wins keeping the community updated despite limited capacity at the events.  

I had a conversation with Caleigh Forti ‘21 who is finishing her fourth and final season playing for Mercy’s varsity soccer team. 

“How have you guys adapted to safety guidelines? Do you feel safe?

“Yes, we must bring our own waters, wear masks on the sidelines, and only two spectators are permitted per person. We additionally have to pass a med bot before entering each time.” 

“Although IAAM postponed the fall season, are you still playing games?

“Yes, we have refs come out and officiate games and select schools like NDP, Spalding, John Carol and others participate.” 

“Although this isn’t your ideal senior season, how is it going?”

“I think we’re doing the best we can and I’m grateful that we have a season at all due to the circumstances.”  

“What did the team do for senior day?”

“The underclassmen on the team presented us speeches and gifts. Parents got individual catering, so it was super safe.” 

“Any hopes for sports in the coming months?”

“I hope I get my lacrosse season, although we’ve had a positive experience so far you can’t control a pandemic.”  

Forti, like most, recognizes the importance of safety in these times. Though we are lucky enough to play, be sure not to become complacent! We can only continue following this route if everyone is consistent. So, wear a mask! It’s magic.