Our Footlighters Cast

Azana W., Art and Culture Reporter

This past month, I’ve highlighted the hard-working members of Footlighters and how they have adapted to this new method of learning. This month, I’m highlighting individual cast members and interviewing them about their role in the play.

What role do you play?

Sydney R. ’21: The role I play in the show is Lois.

Samantha W. ’21: I am the teacher, Ms. Williams.

Rosiejo S. G.’21: I play Chris.

What is your character like?

Sydney R.: Lois would be described as a very neat, kind-hearted, good soul to Alanna, “teacher’s pet, and always knows the time.

Samantha W.: My character is a wacky teacher who is oblivious to cheating students. I teach Chinese randomly in a history class and my favorite student is Ella.

Rosiejo S. G.: My character is very slick and almost like a teacher’s pet. She could easily sneak and receive answers without fail.

What did you do to prepare for this role?

Sydney R.: What I did to prepare for this role was I zoned into how I wanted Lois to act and the mannerisms she would display. I also do this trick, where I sit and for hours, I keep saying a line with a different tone to make a perfect character.

Samantha W.: I prepared for this role by memorizing my lines and channeling my best teacher impressions.

Rosiejo S. G.: I generally just watched a couple of the renditions online and pulled together a character based on how I’ve seen the character portrayed.

What challenges did you face building this character?

Sydney R.: The challenge I faced being this character was trying to fit into her cleanliness way, Lois is always organized and is put together so, it was hard trying to fit into that because sometimes I can be a very disorganized person.

Samantha W.: It was difficult learning lines over zoom without the full effects of being on stage with the other characters.

Rosiejo S. G.: I didn’t really face any challenges when building my character. It was overall really enjoyable!

Do you think you would be friends with your character in real life?

Sydney R.: Yes, I think I would be friends with Lois because she seems like a great person to be with she always made sure that Alanna was studying and is always optimistic in any situation, which I think are good attributions of a friend.

Samantha W.: I would not be friends with Ms. Williams because her class is too hard and she is not very understanding.

Rosiejo S. G.: I think I’d get along with my character. She seems like the type to easily get me out of sticky situations.

What’s your favorite line from the play?

Sydney R.: My favorite line from the play is Chris’s line “You’re only hurting yourself, sir”.

Samantha W.: My favorite line from the play is “I don’t feel like grading all these papers so instead of counting this test as your midterm I am going to let it serve as your final.”

Rosiejo S. G.: My favorite line is, “You’re really only hurting yourself, sir.”


I want to give a special thanks to the Footlighters cast and crew for bringing performance and art to Mercy. This dedication deserves to noticed and appreciated!