Joe Biden VS Donald Trump: Policies

Snyder, Brian, and Julio Cortez. “Donald Trump and Joe Biden Faced off in Their First of Three Presidential Debates before Election Day in November.” Abc Net News, 2020,

Elena H, Mercy Beat Reporter


As we all know the 2020 Presidential Election went down in history. It is very significant, and it put the entire country on edge. But there are more than just two parties and more than just two candidates. There is also what the candidates stand for. It seems like we often overlook ALL the policies the candidates stand for or are against. We only tend to look at the basic ones, but the more intricate ones are also just as important. Young and new voters especially need to pay attention to all the policies. In this article, I will touch on two of the key differences in Biden’s policies and Trump’s policies.

For starters, we all know how the Coronavirus has severely impacted us. Well, the two candidates have very different stances on it. Biden strongly believes in the idea of masks. That if we just wear masks, this virus will not affect us as harshly as it is. Trump on the other hand believes that masks do not work and that they are useless. This also goes for states going on lockdown. Biden, as we know now is the President-Elect for this election. Once in office, he will make things easier for the American people by making free-testing more widely available, eliminating cost barriers for preventative care and treatment of coronavirus, and trying to release the vaccine. Trump on the other hand, has not put the country on lockdown at all while in office. He has faced critical backlash from other countries as well as people in his own country. He has also bashed the CDC and hasn’t taken them seriously.

Another stance is the Affordable Care Act. Biden agrees with the ACA while Trump does not. What the ACA is in shorter terms is free/affordable healthcare. Americans nowadays pay thousands upon thousands for healthcare. While in other countries, they laugh at us because they have more affordable healthcare. Americans have to worry about if the condition they are in is even worth going to the hospital for. Trump doesn’t want Americans to have affordable healthcare. Biden wants to expand ObamaCare, so people in need can afford healthcare. Trump has also talked about defunding Planned Parenthood, a safe place for people to receive healthcare.

Those are just two policies that the candidates have different stances on. It’s important to educate yourselves even if you cannot vote so that you are aware of what is happening in the country you live in. If you think something doesn’t affect you, it actually most likely does.