The Coronavirus Has Altered Our Lives

The Coronavirus Has Altered Our Lives

Elena Hoag, Mercy Beat Reporter

As we all know, CoVid-19 has affected all our lives in drastic ways. We no longer attend school in person, and we must constantly wear masks. This virus has changed the way that we live. And probably will change the course of how things will go in the future. We are living in a time of uncertainty. There is no set deadline for a cure or when things will clear up. Other countries have gotten things pretty under control, but what about the US?

Everyone in this day and age has questions and speculations. Everyone just wants to know when this will end. No one likes living in isolation and having to follow all these guidelines. But they are for the better.

In the media, teachers really are not getting the attention they deserve. It is very hard for teachers to be able to teach their classes. They have had to completely learn how to teach in this new environment. Students are having to adapt to online learning or going into school with masks on. Many schools are implementing a hybrid system. Mercy is one of the very many schools across the nation that have developed a hybrid schedule for schools. This schedule allows for some students to come into the actual school to learn. There are rules that are strictly enforced to ensure safety.

This also means college will be a whole new realm of possibilities. Especially for the class of 2021 as they get their applications in! They have been reduced to college fairs online, visits to campus on schools’ websites, and even testing possibilities taken away; making most colleges test optional. It has been a struggle. Students may not be confident in their college search, but they have to realize that they are not alone. Students all across the nation are feeling the same way. We have never lived through such a rampant pandemic, that has caused us to alter our lives. So with that being said we have to take everything one day at a time. And yes that includes the college search.

We are living in a time of uncertainty. Remember to wear your masks and continue to social distance. Please stay safe!