“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” by Mercy’s Humanities Teachers (Pt. 2!)

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is among the most popular questions asked by relatives, strangers, and relatives who may as well have been strangers, alike. Having had a rehearsed answer since I was able to talk, I could still never meet this question without an inkling of apprehension. Though our childhood answers of “astronaut” or “veterinarian” were not expected to be legally binding, as young me may have feared, with college on the minds of many, this consequential question has become more of a question of what do you want to be in a year, in a couple of months?

Worried about what the next few years of life will bring? Feeling the pressure to choose your life’s career at this very moment? Well, have no fear! Our own teachers still seem to be unsure. In this installment of Between the Bells, we asked some of our teachers to share the turns their lives took to lead them to where they are today (spoiler alert: no one started as a teacher). They also share a little advice to help us along the way. The Shield wishes you a happy (but unorthodox) career day from quarantine!

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