Heading to a Ravens Game?

November 25, 2019

Are you going to a Baltimore Ravens game anytime soon? Never been? Here is some important things to know.

What do I do before gameday?

  • Whether the game is on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, you want to make sure you are rested the night before so you are prepared for the day ahead. Getting a goodnight sleep can go a long way.
  • Prepare everything you are bringing the night before. If you prep for the game right before you leave, you wont have to worry about frantically getting your things together right before leaving.
  • Buy your tickets and put them in a secure place. Tickets will be the only way you get into the M&T Bank Stadium.
  • Plan where you are going to park and map out how you will get to and from your parking area. Being aware of the area and it’s safety will help you navigate through the area around the stadium.
  • Don’t contain your excitement for the game! Start getting excited for the game beforehand so you can be more enthusiastic when it is finally game time.

What do I do on the day of the game?

You want to make sure that your day is as fun (and unproblematic) as possible, so follow these tips for game day:

  • Arrive early to find good parking.
    • The best parking is on Wicomico street in Baltimore. Just a short walk from the stadium, you will pass many of the fun tailgates and food tents that are set up on your route. Street parking is also free!
    • You can also pre-plan your parking using parking apps so you have a parking spot reserved for you prior to your arrivals.
  • Wear all your gameday gear
    • Ravens fans are serious about their team so make sure to show off you spirit with ALL of your gear. You can never have too much Ravens spirit! There are plenty of stores in the stadium and the NFL website provides you with the best Ravens gear.
    • If you don’t have Ravens gear, just wear purple!

What do I bring to a Ravens game?

  • Warm clothing, shoes, and blankets
    • Like in Game Of Thrones, winter is coming and you want to be as warm as possible for the cold temperatures.
    • Grab handwarmers and a Dunkin’ Donut’s hot chocolate (conveniently located in the stadium) to warm up on a cold gameday.
  • Clear durable bags
    • Due to safety concerns at the stadium, you must bring in clear bags in case you are carrying a hefty load into the stadium. Bringing an extra bag can help you out so you can bring more into the stadium including blankets, gloves, hats, and other items you may need.
  • Bring your tickets
    • ….because if you don’t, you won’t get admitted into the game.
    • You can bring your tickets by downloading them onto your device, or you can bring the physical tickets with you.

What will happen at the game?

When you are finally inside the stadium, there are many things you can do. Grab some tasty food and drinks, head to the many Ravens merchandise stores or kiosks to get Ravens gear, or take your seat and relax before the fun begins.

The stadium experience offers a wide variety of activities including cheers orchestrated by clever fans, small games, and even bingo. During the game, all fans who have the Ravens app on their device can place bingo.

  • To play bingo, for every action that happens, you mark off a spot on your chart. Say that Marquise (Hollywood) Brown runs for a touchdown and that action is on your chart. You can then mark that spot. If you get any of the bingo patterns, you give yourself a chance at possibly winning prizes for every bingo you get.

Other games include Ravens trivia which can also give you a chance at some sweet prizes if you are quick to answer and answer correctly.

Of course the most exciting part of the game is watching the game! Even if you do not understand football, you will have fun cheering on the home team when the score AND win. It’s nothing but fun at these games, so make sure you bring your best attitude as well as a great cheering voice.

For people at home who can’t make it to the game

You can still have a game day experience! Grab some good food, drinks, and surround yourself with good friends and family so you can participate in the fun.

Have a “Lamarvelous” time and remember, “Don’t be a jerk!”

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