November Club Happenings!

November 13, 2019

Ensemble Players- “We’re playing Christmas music at Savage Mill Mall on December 1 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Feel free to come on down to support us! We’re also continuing to prepare for the Christmas concert on December 19 and 20.” – Sara Matvey ‘20, president of the Ensemble Players.

Madrigals- “We’re getting new dresses, and on December 1, we’re going to Savage Mill Mall for a performance with Ensemble. We’re going to be performing ‘This is Me’ and a few Christmas songs.” -Claire Krisanda ‘20.

Footlighters- “Coming off of a successful run of ​Steel Magnolias​, Footlighters has a relatively quiet month ahead. On Tuesday, November 12th, Footlighters will be holding their auditions for Little Women. The cast list will be released about a week after, and rehearsals will begin soon after.”- Olivia Barry ‘20.

Ethics Team- Mercy’s Ethics Team is back for a second season! One of the newest editions to the clubs at Mercy, the team is preparing for the Ethics Bowl in February. The team is enjoying tackling pressing ethical issues with cases such as “Forgive or Not to Forgive Student Debt?” “Is it Ok to Punch a Nazi?” and “Bearing Witness, Bringing Change, or Trauma Porn?”, which deals with whether or not gruesome images of state prisons should be released to the public. Practices are open every Friday; feel free to join the discussion!

Peer Educators- “The goal of Peer Educators is to reach out to peers to inform them of what good and healthy decisions look like inside and outside of school,” says Kennedy Ackerman ‘20. “We try to make things relatable, through real life examples, group advisee activities and group discussion. We’ve been brainstorming ideas for PowerPoints and maintaining the bulletin board to promote mindfulness practices in the school. Make sure to check the board out!”

International Club- “Up until the last week of October, the only thing that has been on the International Club members’ minds was International Week. Now, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, our main focus is to learn about each other’s traditions. On Thursday, November 21, we will have a cooking lesson from Mme. Adler, who will teach us how to make crêpes. We will also discuss how our cultures influence what we eat and what special celebrations or traditions we have regarding food. On Thursday, December 19, we will have our annual Christmas party! During the party, we eat food from different cultures and talk about our holiday traditions.“- Sarah Benjumea ‘22

Social Justice Society- “Our goal this month is to work towards raising social awareness on the language we use surrounding undocumented immigrants. We want to make posters this month to raise awareness of the dehumanizing effects of words like ‘illegals’ or ‘aliens.’”- Ariyanna Cozart ‘20

Anime Club- “​Ever since joining freshman year, I’ve been thinking of activities that would get us noticed by the school, help us stay better connected both in and outside of meets, and just fun meeting ideas in general. I thought we should all dress as characters from My Hero Academia for Halloween. It was a fun activity to gage how well we could plan and execute something on short notice. Then, I began talking to the Boys Latin School’s Anime Club President. We settled on planning an Anime Trivia Contest between the members of our respective clubs, and now have future ideas for unofficial club meetings off campus. Aside from these bigger things, I’ve also implemented a club members’ Discord, where we have club discussions as a means to keep us communicating. The goal is to make us less of a club and more of a family.”- Abagail Salisbury ‘21

Environmental Awareness Club- “We’ve been talking about recycling and ways to increase student awareness on the ways to properly recycle. We’re currently trying to organize a clean up of any trash around the campus.”- Marley Yakim ‘20.

Art Club- “At our most recent meeting, we created fall themed portraits of things like trees and pumpkins using only recyclable materials. We’ll also be making posters to advertise Footlighters’ upcoming production of Little Women.”- Erin Smearman ‘20

Model Diplomats- “This week from Wednesday to Friday, we’ll be in D.C. for the Model Organization of American States! It will be really cool to be in the place where the actual Organization of American States meet to discuss issues,” says member Rosiejo Genzola ‘21. “As a group, we’re representing the country Colombia, but we each take on different committees, such as democracy, international law, juridical and political affairs, and hemispheric security (topics like terrorism and trafficking).”

“We are very much looking forward to it, because schools from across the globe will be there. We’re hoping to succeed and get a couple awards, even though we don’t have much experience,” says Olivia Hatcher ‘21.

Apprentice Dance Company- “This past Saturday, we had Dance Day at Mercy, which was definitely a highlight,” says member Stephanie Villatoro ‘20. “Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders interested in our dance programs came and learned new dance exercises and routines. We were invited to perform an unfinished modern piece that we’ve been working on over the past three months to show them another dance program that Mercy offers besides Dance Troupe.  At the end of the day, the prospective students performed what they learned in front of their parents, which was really cool to see. We don’t have any upcoming performances, but we are currently preparing for our annual spring show.”

Dance Troupe- “We have a guest choreographer coming in later this week to be teaching us a flamenco dance!” says Elena Schutz ‘20. Dance Troupe will also be preparing for their annual spring show.

Science Olympiad Team (coming soon!)- Hannah Sitther ‘22, Arryn Berroya ‘22, and I wanted to start a Science Olympiad team to expand the opportunities for girls at Mercy. We really wanted more academic teams at Mercy, especially one devoted to science. A Science Olympiad is basically a competition where students compete with different high schools on various topics such as anatomy and lab work. We’ve asked Ms. Uryasz if she would be interested in moderating and gotten in contact with other a Science Olympiad coordinators to see if they could provide us with resources and bring in Hopkins students to help us prepare. We hope the team will be ready later this year, and we might be able to compete next year at Mt. Hebron High School, and if we’re able to advance, at a state tournament at Johns Hopkins, and a national one at Cornell,” says one of the club founders, Alice Chen ‘22.

Magic Media- “The Magic Media Club is responsible for going to all of the home games, doing the score board, the PA, and making the video edits for the video board. We’re also learning how to do what Mr. Gill does on social media. For media days for teams, we go and take pictures of everyone. During the winter, we’ll be following what track, cheer, basketball, and indoor soccer do, and we’ll be posting updates on the Magic Nation twitter.” – Laila Porter ‘21

Student Leadership Board- This year, Ms. Marion has assembled a new coalition consisting of student leaders of the various clubs and extracurriculars. This past October, the members went to Outward Bound, an outdoor adventure course, to build communication and leadership skills. The Student Leadership Board meets monthly to listen to guest speakers, discuss different leadership styles, find activities to increase student involvement, and discover ways to become better advocates, listeners, and overall leaders. During this month’s Student Leadership Board meeting, the board will discuss volunteering at the Festival of Trees and instituting a “Mix it Up” campaign to encourage students to branch out from their usual friend groups.

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