Impeachment Responses


Sara Matvey, Editor


The impeachment prompt was given to Social Studies classes for responses. Below is the prompt, my answer to the prompt, and selected student responses.

Do you support the impeachment of President Donald Trump or not? Why? Based on the definition of impeachment, do you think that the House of Representatives is correct to impeach? Give specific reasons.

I do support the impeachment of Donald Trump. I believe that all of his past and current allegations in combination are enough. Trump has been accused of sexual assault, tampering with the 2016 election, tax fraud, consistent lying, and most recently, pressuring Ukraine to release information regarding the Bidens. There has been thought to impeach Trump ever since his election due to his corruption, and I think that his phone call with President Zelensky tipped the iceberg. Impeachment is questioning the validity of someone or something, so the House of Representatives is correct to impeach Trump. Whether or not you agree with the impeachment of Trump, the House of Representatives has every right to commence an Impeachment inquiry, because they want to question validity. However, I do not believe that Trump should be removed from office if he is impeached. Especially since his first term is almost over, it would be worthless to remove him from office. I believe that he has enough supporters to get reelected even if he is removed from office. The process to remove Trump would also take a while and if the Democratic Party succeeds in getting Trump removed, Mike Pence will be president. While I believe that Donald Trump should be impeached for his actions, he should not be removed from office.


Carolyn Albert ’21

I think that there are many people wanting to impeach President Trump not because of crimes that he has been accused of but because of his policies and things he stands for. From that perspective, I do not think that President Trump should be impeached because his Vice President, who would be the president in his place, has the same types of values as the president and is more serious about many of them. However, based on the definition of impeachment, I do think that President Trump overstepped his boundaries of power when using his political power to try and investigate a presidential opponent. It does seem to me that he is abusing his power to get rid of his competition for the 2020 presidential election.


Amber Malinowski ’21

I do not support the impeachment of Donald Trump because in the past, many other people who have run for president have tried to come up with ways to suppress their opponents and gain an advantage on their running mates. That was just what Donald Trump was trying to do. This was obviously not the best thing for Trump to do, as he is in the spotlight all the time since is the face of the United States, but I do no think it enters into one of the categories for why an office member could be impeached. Based on the definition of impeachment, the House of Representatives is incorrect in trying to impeach. The definition of impeachment involves calling someone’s integrity into question. Donald Trump did not mess with the integrity of the United States or himself when trying to question the Ukrainian president. He merely was trying to get information for himself, so he was informed about his running mates and information about them. All he was trying to do was continue his presidency in the upcoming 2020 election. He in no way did anything that damaged the reputation of the United States in asking the Ukrainian President questions about Joe Biden’s son.

Isabella Pulia ’22

On the afternoon of September 24th, millions of American’s prayers were answered. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally announced the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. The journey of impeachment is hardly over though. The Senate must still vote with a two-thirds majority in order for the impeachment to pass. If this impeachment passes the United States will be left in a historical predicament. President Trump may be impeached from office though since he is running in the 2020 presidential election he could be reinstated into office if he wins. Which is deranged to think about considering President Trump’s history.
The impeachment inquiry was announced because of President Trump’s recent scandal. On July 25, 2019, President Trump had a phone call with the Ukrainian president, President Volodymyr Zelensky. On August 12, 2019, an anonymous CIA officer working in the White House filed a complaint as a whistleblower. This complaint did not reach Congress until September though. During this phone call, President Trump and President Zelensky were talking about Joe Biden. Who is also currently running for the 2020 presidential election. President Trump asked President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s involvement with the Ukrainian gas company. The Ukrainian gas company has been under investigation for corruption. The whistleblower believes that President Trump has abused his power as our president for political gain and he poses a threat to national security.
The impeachment of President Trump is essential we Americans deserve a president we can trust. This isn’t the first contradictory position President Trump has been in. During the 2016 presidential election, there were rumors about how the Russians interfered with our votes. President Trump is known more for his scandals then the good he has done for this country. The fact that this is the second contradictory position President Trump has been in regarding the presidential elections is not a coincidence. Joe Biden is President Trump’s number one threat in the upcoming election. It’s extremely likely that he is attempting to dig up dirt on him and his family to use against him. This says a lot about President Trump and his character. President Trump obviously believes he cannot win on his own. He needs other sources to help him win the election. President Trump is known more for the disgraceful things he has done rather than the good he has done for this country. He knows that we know that and that is why he turned to Ukraine.
America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Knowing this, how could we not support President Trump’s impeachment. America is a place where all people have the opportunity for prosperity. President Trump is a racist, sexist, and many more things and we allowed him to be our president. It’s time to send this man back to New York and send a more deserving candidate in his place.

Rashawna Lang ’22

On July 25th, 2019, President Trump asked the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden are involved with a Ukrainian gas company. Democrat, Joe Biden, and Republican, President Donald Trump are adversaries running against each other in the 2020 presidential election. An anonymous CIA officer in the White House filed a complaint as a whistleblower. The whistleblower’s complaint said, “The President of the United States is using the power of his office to interfere with a foreign country.” The whistleblower filed his complaint on August 12th. On September 24th, 2019, speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry, in response to the whistleblower’s complaint.
Impeachment means that the House of Representatives votes to impeach an elected official for committing an unconstitutional violation. Then the Senate considers whether to remove them from office. The House of Representatives needs a 50% majority vote for the process to go to the Senate. The Senate holds a trial, and they need 68 votes on whether the president is guilty of the violation. If the president is guilty, then the impeachment process will follow the trial. If the president is impeached, he is removed from office and then the Vice President takes office. Do I support the impeachment of President Trump? I support this impeachment because I agree with the whistleblower, that President Trump is abusing the power of his position in office. President Trump investigated Joe Biden so that he could obtain political advantage to be re-elected into office. Was he acting inappropriately by making this request? He was acting inappropriately because he is cheating his way into the election using intel on his opponent.
The House of Representatives is correct to vote to impeach an elected official. They need 50% to move the impeachment process to the Senate. If the House of Representatives believes that an elected official committed a violation to the constitution, then they should be able to vote on the impeachment. Then the Speaker of the House of Representatives can announce the impeachment.

Claire Geier ’20

President Trump has a lot of bias against him which makes this impeachment so exaggerated in the media. Many people disagree with his way of life and his approach to presidency. In order to be impeached, a president must break a law of a serious matter. I do not think Trump asking his lawyer to look into another family’s suspicious activity is a good reason as to why he should be impeached. He may not be a good person or always say the correct things, but this does not deserve impeachment. Also, if the current president is impeached, the vice president steps up, and I do not think that the people would like his views any better.

Kayla-Marie Cumberbatch ‘21

Since the beginning of his presidency, there have been talks of impeachment against the current of the United States, Donald Trump, but an impeachment inquiry has never been opened. As time goes on and the public gets hold of new information, impeachment has become more favorable. This change in direction comes after a growing controversy that involves the president of the United States and his conversations with President Volodymyr of Ukraine. To understand the magnitude of these proceedings you must understand what impeachment is first. Impeachment is a proceeding instituted by a legislative body to address serious misconduct by a public official and under Article II of the constitution a person can be removed from office after having been convicted of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. The supposed wrongdoing that is now being investigated by the House of Representatives involves a telephone conversation between the two men where Donald Trump offers a two-way deal, or quid pro quo, saying that if he investigates Joe Biden and his family he will offer military assistance to Ukraine. The issue with this deal is that it involves an investigation into Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States and his possible opposing candidate in the 2020 election. This investigation could be a possible cause of impeachment because the President asked a foreign power to help discredit his political opponent. With tainting Joe Biden’s image he could use this to his benefit in the upcoming election to sway voters who may be undecided. This is known to meddle in an election, which is illegal. It has also been reported through the whistleblower complaint, that after the end of the call the transcript of the conversation was put into an electronic system that is usually used to store classified information of a sensitive nature. This act was described as an abuse of the system due to the lack of sensitive material. As new information is reported everyday impeachment seems imminent.