Presenting the New Assistant Athletic Director!

October 10, 2019

…and the new field hockey coach, environmental science teacher, and Physical Education II teacher for the 2019-2020 school year! Ms. Sarah Dennison came to Mercy High School from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, after being the Assistant Coach at McDaniel for their lacrosse team for three years before coming to Mercy High School to take on her new roles. Before her time as assistant coach at McDaniel College, she graduated from West Chester University with a degree in graphic design and communications, then continued to earn her Masters degree in Kinesiology this past May. Ms. Dennison is now the new field hockey coach, environmental science teacher for juniors and seniors and assists Mr. Nick Gill in the Athletics Department by scheduling games and doing other sports-related tasks. Ms. Dennison will also be assisting with indoor track and coaching the JV lacrosse team in Spring 2020.  We at The Shield , curious about her fairly heavy work load, asked her some questions about what she does during her free time, how she manages stress, and her experience at Mercy High School so far.

When asked about her free time, Ms. Dennison says, “I don’t have too much free time but when I am free, I am usually spending it with my family and friends and watching football, now that it’s fall. Go Ravens!” She is coaching a sixth-grade lacrosse team as well as playing in an adult field hockey league. To manage her time, she says, “I try to plan out my week’s lesson plans over the weekend if I can.” Ms. Dennison also says that she uses a planner to manage all her work and to stay organized. To relieve her stress, Ms. Dennison says she tries to work on the weekends to get her week ready to go. She also likes to exercise and to be active; she even teaches exercise classes two times a week. Mercy students can especially use these techniques to relieve stress and manage time while also staying active and on top of their work.

Everyone’s experience at Mercy High School is different. Each person in the Mercy High School community has many different reasons for coming here. Ms. Dennison’s reason for coming to Mercy High School was the people and community that we are all a part of. “The community of Mercy was what sold me. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive,” said Dennison. She also mentioned that she is excited and “loves that we have a new turf field now.” She looks forward to being able to interact with the students and faculty on the new field this year. Her experience so far at Mercy High School has been great, according to Ms. Dennison. She states, “My favorite part of the job is the girls and other faculty members. It’s really nice to come to work every day and get to be around so much positive energy.” Students are also very happy to have Ms. Dennison as an addition to the Mercy High School staff. “Coach Dennison is a great coach and teacher! She is mainly focused on improving our skills while also having fun in the process.” says a field hockey team member. A student of her physical education class recalled, “She makes P.E. fun!” Ms. Dennison added that at Mercy High School we are a team and everyone in the community is involved with each other, including the other faculty members.

It you have any questions for Ms. Sarah Dennison, her office is located between the Salt Cellar and the Pepper Mill by the gym. As a Mercy Community, we are all very excited to see what else Ms. Dennison has in store for the rest of the year, and we wish her the best of luck.

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