10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Junior Year

May 23, 2019

Junior year was hard and my classmates and classes above us all agree. One of the most important years of high school in conjunction with generally harder classes is a recipe for disaster, but if you go in ready, it won’t be. Here are 10 tips to make your junior year great

1. Get AP and SAT/ACT prep books 

Let’s be honest, aside from APs, you will never learn in your math class all of the          topics on any standardized test you will take Junior year. How should you combat this? Buy a prep book! Prep books are anywhere from $15-$30. Some good brands are Barons and Princeton review for AP exams and for SAT/ACT any prep book with a few practice tests is good. If a prep book is too much money, many companies offer online practice, like Kahn Academy.

2. Chill Out

Junior year is stressful for everyone. There was a point this year right before Field Day and spring break when it was crazy. Always remember to take times or yourself and practice self care. Some ways I like to chill out are using essential oils, watching Netflix, and taking naps.

3. Do your homework

This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised. I don’t think I have ever had one bad homework affect my grade as badly as this year. Do your homework on time and don’t wait for class time to do it and always put your best effort into your work.

4. Get involved

Junior year is an important year for college. If you don’t have many extra-curriculars under your belt at this point, get involved! Clubs like SJS and Footlighters always want more members. And if none of our clubs are your cup of tea, join the Shield, we love having new members, and we promise it isn’t boring!

5. Mr. Davis isn’t as bad as everyone says

I was actually terrified to start junior year because I was so scared of Mr. Davis. Don’t be. His classes are difficult but he makes it fun and isn’t mean.

6. Mercy Day/Ring Day will suck for you and so will all your friends getting their rings

Since Mercy gives out rings Senior year as opposed to Junior year like every other school does, going to Ring Day as a junior is hard. You just want to be on that stage getting your ring and even though you’re happy for the seniors, you are jealous. It is the same when all your friends get their rings from their high school, you are jealous, but not really because you know your ring is prettier.

7. Junior year is when Field Day gets real

Since junior year is usually when most classes get their act together for Field Day, it gets competitive. Be prepared to do crazy stuff for Field Day and have fun doing it.

8. The end of the year is NOT a good time to slack off

Once May begins, you need to be on your A game. Not many more grades will get put in and anything can hurt you. If you slack off, your grades will show it and that’s not cute, at all. Always try your hardest even while junioritis is getting ahold of you; still, do the best you can.

9. Start college tours early

The earlier you start college tours junior year, the better. No one wants to have to tour 20 schools in the July before senior year because you don’t even have a clue where to apply yet. Go on college tours and if the school is too far or you can’t make it, most schools offer an online virtual tours. Ms. Cummings also gives excused absences for college tours. Finally,  go to college fairs and visit college representatives at lunch; you will not regret it!

10. Make memories that will last a lifetime

Junior year is exciting with prom, ring sizing, Field day, and much more. Have fun with your friends and take time to not do homework and spend it with them! Take lots of pictures and videos, so you can look back on them and remember how much fun you had.

So class of 2021, are you ready to take on the challenge? We know you’re ready, and we are so excited for you to fill our bucks so we can be seniors!

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