20 Things You Should Know For Sophomore Year

20 Things You Should Know For Sophomore Year


As my sophomore year comes to a close, I have taken time to reflect and come up with a list of twenty things that upcoming sophomores should know. Sophomore year has been the hardest and most stressful year of my education, thus far. Throughout the year I have gained new knowledge on what not to do and what I should’ve done. Below is a list that I have compiled with those lessons.

1. Don’t procrastinate.

2. No matter what you do, always finish your homework for Ms. Ness. Be big and don’t be like Fifi.

3. Choose a reliable partner for your group projects. That means don’t choose the one who’s on Instagram for the entire class.

4. Khan Academy, Crash Course, or online lectures from University pages on YouTube, are useful resources that can improve your grade and understanding of a topic immensely.

5. Every diagram in your Physics or Chemistry textbook is important, draw it!

6.  Spend your frees wisely. Don’t spend the entire time watching YouTube.

7. Keep track of your due dates. USE YOUR PLANNER!

8. If need help understanding a topic, ask your teachers. They are here to help you.

9. Don’t wait until the last minute to finish your personal project.

10. Don’t wait until the last minute to finish anything. Don’t procrastinate

11. Stay organized.

12. Be sure to remember, that if you are absent it is your responsibility to get your work that you missed.

13. Geometric proofs are easier than you think so long as you pay attention to the lesson.

14. If you have the time, read the chapter of the book that you are currently reading ahead of time.

15. Don’t be clueless. Pay attention in all of your classes, even the easy ones.

16.Whether or not your work is outstanding or mediocre, it is important that you finish it. You might not get a perfect grade, but you won’t get a zero.

17. Even if you don’t have a close relationship with your big sister, try to say hello when you pass each other in the corridors.

18. Since sophomore year marks the beginning of your college planning journey, I advise you to start thinking about where you will like to go.

19. Learn how to balance your schedule.

20. Find time to relax.



Helpful apps that everyone should know about:

Crash Course

Khan Academy

The Homework App