20 Things I Learned in Senior Year

  1. Always wear your new senior sweater
    in the summer
  2. Make a big deal out of Ring Day; its one of the best days of senior year
  3. Make the most out of Ring Dance as well and take lots of pictures of your ring
  4. Always park through the parking spots
  5. Always try to find time for your parents; this could be your last year you will be living at home with them
  6. Always pay attention in Seminar; the tips really help when doing your applications for college
  7. Get a teacher or just another student to look over your college essay; the more peer reviewing; the better it will be
  8. Make sure you always get your applications done early;  the earlier you get them done; the earlier you will know if you got in or not
  9. Go and have fun at your last homecoming;  make the most out of it
  10. Try your best to not be anxious about when your college decision will come out; they will come soon enough
  11. Once you get in, and if your still unsure about where to go, plan a visit or revisit to get a better understanding on where you can see your self for the next four years
  12. Try your best to not get seniorities; college will still ask for final grades at the end of the year
  13. Don’t stress; you will choose the right college for you
  14. Time goes by VERY fast
  15. Take time to apply for scholarship applications; they will help you out in the long run
  16. Have fun the last semester of your high school career. Enjoy your last field day, your last prom, and finally your last day
  17. To remember senior year, capture as many pictures and videos as possible
  18. Take time to be with your classmates; soon it will be graduation and you will never have the chance to spend time with them again
  19. Go back to the places you have grown up in and admire them; soon you won’t be seeing them everyday
  20. Savor every moment of your last year of high school, even the long classes that never seem to end