The Indifference in Women Sports

March 20, 2019

In the Mercy community, people have wondered why Calvert Hall College was getting their second turf field while Mercy remained with none. It is very common for men’s sports to be more recognized and praised rather than women sports. For example, the top main sports that people watch that mostly consist of men are; NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. All three of these get high publicity and praise unlike women sports. Still today men sports have the advantage over women. For many colleges, women in the NCAA have less opportunities and participation than men (NCAA, 2014). For example, the Women Sports Foundation states that men receive more college scholarships than women. Men receive 55 percent while women only receive 45 percent. Men having these opportunities, they can succeed more than women can. Several people have been recognizing this and have been starting to put their foot down. More and more, sports companies have been making advertisements and commercial that promotes the indifference of women sports.

Recently, Nike has put out a commercial that was very controversial. This commercial consists of women who are very well known for their athletic abilities. It is showing how women in sports are still fighting for the same opportunities that men get. It shows how people view women in sports. How if they show emotion, they are just acting that way because she is a girl. It shows that people can view women in sports as crazy and other negative thoughts. But, by the end of the commercial, it shows a different aspect. It shows how Ibtihaj Muhammad can fence with her hijab on, it shows how Serena Williams can come back to play at the French Open, and win it. “Dream Crazier”, is the new catchphrase for Nike’s initial ad “Just Do It.” To dream crazier is to make you work harder for your dreams, just like all these women are achieving. 

Even though men look like they have the advantage in sports, women have a different perspective in sports. Women in sports have a different type of media range. They are seen as strong, confident, and explosive. This generation of women in sports is a wide difference then it was back in the older generations. In the older generations, most women didn’t even watch sports. Now, the society of women do both. For my experience growing up in a society where it is acceptable for girls to play with the boys, I played a bunch a sports and watched Sunday Football with my dad and uncles. This made me the young women who I am today. Just like me, other young little girls are being put into sports with boys, experiencing the same level of athletic abilities at the same rate. It is said from the Huffington Post, women apparel is the most selling the most in merchandising such as the Yankee apparel. It is very empowering to see women inspiring other women to go out there and to show their skills and abilities. We are showing the empowerment of women in our own school as well. From the distress of having no turf field, Mercy finally got the chance to get a turf field. This gives the chance for girls to have the ability to work on a turf field just like boys do. Small steps like this can help to the ultimate goal of having women being able to have the opportunities men do.

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