March 25, 2019

Mercy High School’s production of Beehive: the Musical was an outrageous success that had the entire audience on its feet. Featuring music by Lesley Gore, Tina Turner, Mama Cass Elliot, and countless others, Beehive will easily take you back in time to the 1960’s. Each song was introduced by dialogue that described the context of the scene and established the time period even more. The cast members’ sang their songs with ease while still maintaining an explosion of energy throughout the show.

Director Mr. Stephen Napp’s creative sets transformed the stage into a town in 1960’s America. Each piece encapsulated what this groovy period was all about. The moment I saw those glamourous string lights spelling the word “Beehive” at the very beginning of the show, I knew I was in for a treat. I absolutely loved the sleepover scene. Each “room” was beautifully decorated with photos of celebrities (and heartthrobs) from the ’60s. The actors did an outstanding job of bringing this scene to life. It seemed like the entire audience was personally invited to join this swingin’ sleepover. The tech crew, led by senior Mikerra Melvin, impressed me tremendously with their smooth transitions from set piece to set piece. When I saw just how massive the set pieces were, I became slightly concerned about how they were going to get offstage. This marvelous tech crew took all my worries away with how quickly they transitioned the pieces.

Every performance in “Beehive” had me feeling empowered and overjoyed, and along with that came many remarkable surprises. Sophomore Olivia Hatcher astonished me with her stage presence and vocal abilities. Her solo “Be My Baby” really showed off her vocal range as well as her ability to tell a story to the audience. I was completely taken aback by her level of professionalism while undertaking this huge role. Olivia says that “being in Beehive was a thrilling and unforgettable experience! Out of all the theater shows I have participated in, I found Beehive to be the most unique in the fact that it was both a colorful and lively performance, and a history lesson. It focused on what feminism looked like through music in the 60’s, which was far from what feminism is today. However despite being dated, the music was still fun to dance to and to sing. Looking back on when I was performing, I think the most enjoyable part of being in the show was learning the music and forming bonds with the other members of the cast. The most challenging aspect had to have been getting those wigs on and making them stay there throughout the show. Overall, Beehive the Musical was a great experience and I look forward to participating in theater at Mercy again next year.”

Also, sophomore Sydney Randall’s rendition of the infamous song “Proud Mary” left the entire audience speechless. Stepping into the shoes of Tina Turner must have been no easy task, but Sydney executed it brilliantly. Everything from her vocal qualities to the way she moved onstage completely encapsulated Tina Turner. Sydney states that her “experience doing ‘Beehive’ was [so] wonderful. I had so much fun working with the cast and crew. I love[d] portraying Tina Turner because she has been an influential figure in my life that I look up to. I am thankful for everyone who has been so nice and congratulating me on this experience.”


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