Snow in Review and How to Stay Safe in the Cold

February 4, 2019

The first major snowfall of 2019 was a success. There was, on average, about four inches of snow in Maryland. The snow bonanza didn’t end there! It went on to snow about an inch on Thursday January 17th and temperatures all weekend dipped below 10 degrees. Mercy and most other schools were all closed due to the snow. However, many schools had only a two hour delay. The roads were brined and ready to go to prevent snow from sticking to the roads too much but when I was coming home from work on the evening of the 12th, the roads were covered.

About an hour after the snow began on Saturday

Much of the snow came down in thick, chunky flakes but by around 10AM on the 13th the snow fall lessened. The result of the storm was an initial 2 hour delay turned closing that moved the world language and math exams back.

The recent snow and frigid temperatures have brought on conversations of how to keep yourself and your pets safe and warm in the cold. First, if it is below 20 degrees, it is wise to just stay inside. However, if you must go outside, please wear a coat! A nice warm coat and something to cover your hands and ears, the most vulnerable extremities, you will be safe to go outside. You should avoid taking your pet for a walk depending on size and temperature (see chart below). Of course you can let your dog out for a potty break but don’t leave them out for too long! Be sure to also be cautious on cold mornings because ice on sidewalks, roads, and driveways can spring up out of no where. Using a salt the night before should keep the ground from icing over, but always be careful.

Stay tuned for more snow reviews and tips!


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