On the Day Before Exams, Mother Nature Gave Me…Snow?

January 11, 2019

Yes, you read that correctly; snow is coming this Saturday and Sunday, the day before exams. The temperatures are steadily decreasing leading up to Sunday, and there is a lot of precipitation on the radar. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a good snow to me. However, the prediction isn’t for the huge blizzard we all lust for. This storm is predicted to be a dusting or sporadic snow showers on Saturday and snow on Sunday. My prediction for how much it will snow is an inch or less on Saturday and several inches on Sunday. Even though the weather isn’t the perfect storm for a blizzard, the temperatures decreasing, lack of sun, ground temperatures, and predicted snow showers on Saturday will enhance whatever happens on Sunday.

For some, including me, snow for exams seems great! Even though we will have to come in an extra day, we still have that day off. The predicted snow has me wondering, what will happen if we have two days off, using up our last snow day, and online learning will commence? I asked Ms. Yanson what she would do, and she did not know. She said that she was not prepared to give out new material in the middle of exams, so she would probably assign just studying for the exam.

Hopefully, it will snow, but not too much to push exams back, but only Mother Nature knows what will happen!

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