Top 5 Mood Boosting Essential Oils

February 13, 2019

If the gloomy days and cold weather have got  you down in the dumps I’ve got you covered. Using alternative ways to improve minor ailments like bruises, blemishes, headaches, colds, and cramps has been becoming more popular. Essential oils are oils that are distilled from natural plants. Believe it or not essential oils are very expensive. Some oils can run upwards of $100 (the most expensive I have seen is Doterra’s Melissa oil which retails for a mere $153). However, fear not, many common oils are sold on at stores like target for cheap prices. Here are my top 5 essential oils to get yourself out of the dumps!

  1. Wild Orange: This oil retails for $13 with Doterra and at Target for $6. Use this oil in a blend with peppermint for a refreshing pick me up to help focus or use with lavender for a sound sleep. Or, use this oil alone for a sweet and tangy perfume and an energizing boost. Orange is also a cleansing oil meaning it can be used (mixed with other oils and substances) to clean surfaces and can be taken internally to help improve the immune system. Wild Orange is FDA approved and is safe to be consumed (it tastes great in water) and is skin safe.
  2. Peppermint: This oil retails for $30 with Doterra and at Target for $7. This oil brings a refreshing scent to any oil and goes great with any type of respiratory blend. Peppermint has a wide variety of uses such as: reducing pain, helping sinuses, promoting focus, and is also energizing. This oil alone gives off a fresh and minty scent which is a little bit strong. Peppermint is also FDA approved however it commonly causes minor skin irritations.
  3. Vetiver: This oil retails for $54 with Doterra and on Amazon for $14. This oil is infamous for its calming benefits. It goes great with wild orange and lavender for a refreshing sleep. It is also known for its effects on reducing stress and anxiety. Vetiver is skin safe but it is advised that it is mixed with a carrier oil (coconut oil) however it cannot be consumed.
  4. Eucalyptus: This oil retails for $22 with Doterra and at Target for $7. This is my favorite oil to use when I’m studying! I love putting some on while studying and then using it again during the test to bring the ideas back to me. Eucalyptus is also a cleansing oil so it can be used to cleanse surfaces. This oil, like peppermint, also works will with respiratory blends because it clears airways. Eucalyptus is skin safe but cannot be consumed and like most oils, it can cause skin irritations.
  5. Frankincense: This oil retails for a whopping $90 with Doterra and on Amazon for $15. Frankincense oil can be added to any blend to increase the oil’s properties. I don’t think it smells that great on its own so I always mix it with citrus oils. Frankincense  soothes the skin and when taken internally, it supports healthy cellular function. Frankincense is FDA approved but causes mild skin irritations.
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