Club Happenings for the Month of December!

December 19, 2018

Environmental Club

“In Environmental Club we meet once a month to discuss environmental issues. We talk about oceans, pollution and so much more involving the environment. Members of the club bring up these issues and create power points and Kahoots to explain their environmental topic so others can learn from their research. The club members voice their opinions and what effect we have on the environment to improve the problem. We have some club meetings when we create recycling posters for the cafeteria, for people to look at when throwing away trash. Sometimes we go around lunch periods and hand out smarties to students who have reusable containers and water bottles. One more thing that we do in the club is set goals for holidays, over the summer, and throughout the year. They are things we can do to improve in being more environmentally friendly for example some people for Christmas reuse the wrapping paper and gift bags from the gifts they received. These are the activities that the club does and we always have new ideas at each meeting. Don’t forget, ‘Less Pollution is the Best Solution!’ ” – Briahna Stumpf


“Lately, the Madrigals have been going over new songs for the Winter Concert. “For Unto Us a Child is Born,” composed by George Frideric Handel, was introduced to us in October. This song, chosen by Mr. Sung, seemed to be more on the difficult side for the singers because of the intricate runs and the interesting placement of words. In order to refine some sections, we have done sectionals, which is separating a specific group of singers (in our case, this includes first sopranos, second sopranos, and altos) to work on specific sections of the music. Nonetheless, this song has been riveting to learn for everyone and turned out to be quite catchy for some. “One Minute Madrigal” by Donald Moore and the Christmas classic “O Come All Ye Faithful” were introduced to us as well. These songs are more on the easier side and was picked up pretty quickly. Besides a couple technicalities, the Madrigals have been progressing well and efficiently when learning these new songs!” – Rosiejo Genzola


“The Footlighters just had their first rehearsal for the spring musical “Beehive”, a celebration of female empowerment songs from the 1960’s. The first rehearsal included learning the harmonies and parts to the first song of the show, and talking about what the rehearsal process is going to be like. ” – Grace La Count





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