Snow in Review: November 15, 2018


Sara Matvey, Contributer

The first snow of the year is never a great one, only a foretaste of what is to come. If last Thursday’s snow was any indication of how the rest of our snows this year will be, we’re in for some online learning. The snowstorm, which many were skeptical about, ended in a day off and a two hour delay. Since the weather had been so warm, many believed that the forecast snow would fall as rain or sleet, but it did not. There was a lot of snow. At my house, we got about an inch of snow, but it the ground and air temperatures were colder, there would have been so much more! For about an hour huge flakes were falling from the icy clouds quickly, which normally leads to huge amounts of snow. The snow turned to freezing rain around noontime, which left a hard crunchy layer on top of the snow and left the roads even more of a mess.

The snow started right as people were beginning to wake up for work and school, which made it a “tough call” for some schools. John Carroll made their decision of a two hour delay (that later changed to closure) on Wednesday evening, presumably so that they would have an adequate amount of time to decide. This brings up the question of why schools would change their minds because parents and guardians have to almost change their daily schedule to get their child to school. In my opinion, schools should, whenever possible, make their decision early so that parents and guardians have enough time to get their child to school (or find care for a day home) and get themselves to work. Mercy, however made the right decision in giving us off! I spent my day off making cookies and catching up on some Netflix.

This was one of those snowstorms where it just made a mess of everything, but once we hit the right temperatures, the same storm a little later in the year would be amazing. I am positive that we will have online learning galore this winter, especially with another big weekend storm coming our way!