Poetry Prompt for the Week of 11/26

Maggie Burnham, Editor of The Lance

November 26, 2018

Every other week, The Lance will be posting a writing prompt to The Shield’s “poetry corner.” Responses to these prompts could be featured in The Lance itself, or they may be brought to a writer’s workshop. The next writer’s workshop for The Lance is to be announced! Keep an open ear for announcements regarding the next after school meeting.


This week, we have two prompts! These two somewhat similar prompts were found on the following websites: thinkwritten.com and writingforward.com. These prompts suggest a piece of fiction, poem, or prose focusing on objects…

How To: 

Write a poem on how to do something mundane most people take for granted, such as how to tie your shoes, how to turn on a lamp, or how to pour a cup of coffee.

By Melissa Donovan

Found on writingforward.com

Inanimate Object:

Write a piece about an inanimate object. You can write a silly poem about how much you admire your toaster, or you can write a serious piece declaring the magnificence of a book

Found on thinkwritten.com