Welcoming Ms. Mintz!

October 17, 2018

This year Mercy High School welcomed history teacher Tiara Mintz and so far her experience here has been more than magical! Ms. Mintz previously taught at the Maryland Academy of Technology and Math (MATHS) in Baltimore, MD, and the Monarch Academy in
Baltimore, MD. She attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, where she majored in political science.

Ms. Mintz’s favorite memory from this past summer was attending Beyoncé’s “On the Run” tour with her best friend. She says the ticket prices were a little expensive, but it was absolutely worth it. Ms. Mintz considers Beyoncé her favorite artist because of her infectious energy and consistency. As a mother, she says finding “adult time” in her busy schedule proves to be difficult, and being able to spend it with her best friend at one of her favorite concerts was absolutely perfect.

A book Ms. Mintz read that inspired her was The Purpose and Power of a Woman by Myles Monroe. The book examines how powerful women really are and the potential she can reach. As an African American millennial woman, she is aware of the stereotypes that challengeher abilities to succeed in America. Monroe breaks these stereotypes down entirely and provides clarity. The book helped her to focus more on her individual purpose that God has given her.

Ms. Mintz’s favorite song at the moment is “The Blood” by Kadesh, an artist from Baltimore, MD. Ms. Mintz has had the opportunity to perform this piece with her fellow choir members all over the United States. The song allows her to reflect on the power of the blood that Jesus Christ shed.

Ms. Mintz is thoroughly enjoying her time here at Mercy High School. She likes that Mercy is consistent and upholds its values as a school. It reminds her very much of her high school experience.

Check out this video of Ms. Mintz performing “The Blood” with her choir!

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