Casino Homecoming Theme

September 28, 2018

While some students may be disheartened by the new regulations on music at dances, Student Council is hoping that one of their possible homecoming themes will convince you to still attend.

On the morning of September 18, an email was sent out to the student body with a link to a homecoming theme survey. There were three options to vote on: Candyland, Glitz and Glam, and Casino.

After the survey was sent out, there was some confusion as to what the “Casino” theme would involve and how it was approved as a contender for the theme. According to Student Council president Sarah Coffman, it’s “highly decorative, fast-paced, and full of energy like most casinos are perceived to be.”

Sarah said that in past years homecoming themes have not always been well-represented at the actual dance. Her hope was that with the casino theme, they would be able “to fully encompass a casino aura with the decorations and games set out to play.”

And what exactly is that “casino aura?” According to Sarah, homecoming decorations will include “images like playing cards, dice, money, poker chips, and wheels.” However, since the theme still cannot promote gambling, there won’t be any roulette wheels or slot machines.

Sarah emphasized that “students can look forward to more interaction within the theme.” Student Council plans to have card games set out on tables for those that may want to take a break from dancing.

As a final selling point, Sarah said that they “have never seen this theme done before and because of its uniqueness, our hope is to appeal to many students. Although some students may be discouraged to attend homecoming because of the music rule, I feel that this theme will spark curiosity and encourage people to attend anyway.”

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