October 8, 2018

When reading a spectacular book, have you ever wished for it to become a movie? Well, when reading Illuminae, you’ll spend the entire time feeling like you are watching one.

In Illuminae’s worlds it’s 2575. Kady Grant and Ezra Mason, two teenagers who live on the icy planet of Kerenza IV, an illegal mining colony run by the hermium mining company Wallace Ulyanov Consortium, after it was attacked by the rival company, BeiTech Industries.
Though Kady and Ezra are no longer on speaking terms, because Kady broke up with Ezra that very morning, they make their way to the three awaiting evacuating spaceships; Hypatia, Alexander, and Copernicus. Through the commotion of fleeing, they are separated after Kady is taken to the Hypatia, while Ezra, after suffering a gunshot wound, is taken to the Alexander, the only one of the three ships that are able to fend off any possible attack from the BeiTech vessel Lincoln that is determined to destroy any evidence of their involvement in the attack on Kerenza IV.

The three ships send out distress calls that go unanswered as they make their way slowly to jump station Heimdall to warn others about the attack on the colony.
On the Alexander, the military works to conscript anyone on the three ships who shows any skill that they deem useful, such as hacking or navigation. Ezra is conscripted as a pilot, while Kady enhances her hacking abilities in secret to gain new information about the attack.
Through her search she learns that the Alexander’s Artificial Intelligence Defense Analytics Network, or AIDEN, was damaged in the attack on Kerenza IV which causes faults in its code and causes it to have a human-like way of processing.
These faults cause AIDEN to destroy the civilian ship, the Copernicus, after detecting that there was a deadly disease, called Phobos, aboard the vessel;  AIDEN thought that destroying the ship would be the best way to protect the civilians ofthe remaining ships. The destruction of the ships resulted in AIDEN being shut down by the technicians on the Alexander after being deemed a threat to the safety of the civilians.
Kady eventually reboots AIDEN and the two work together as allies to find a way to destroy the Lincoln and stop the spread of the deadly disease.

Illuminae is the first of a three book series and is told through a dossier from the attack in the form of emails, diary entries, memos, and instant messages sent between the those aboard the three ships.  This nontraditional method of storytelling is a new and inventive way of formatting that is vital to the plot of the story while building the world and incorporating the reader.

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