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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!! Here is How Much SNOW we Might Get

October 1, 2018

If you are anything like me, after the first day of school, you are ready for a break. Between getting up early and going to sleep late I lose my mind when I don’t get enough sleep. To add on to my decreased sleep hours, I recently got my first job, which I am sure my fellow Juniors and Seniors can agree with, is too much to handle during the school year. For all these reasons and more, that is why I look forward to our numerous long weekends and off days. The one thing better than an off day is a snow (or inclement weather) day. Although we have online learning, the thrill of being snuggled up cozy in my bed doing the (hopefully) minimal school work while drinking a nice hot coffee, is easily the best thing ever. That is why when Ms. Yanson approached me in the hallway and asked if I could write about snow this year, I graciously agreed. So from now until April (or so) I will be your one and only source on all things snow and Mercy High School. I like to think of myself as Gossip Girl, but for snow.

Many long term weather reports are based off of either the Old Farmers Almanac or the Farmers Almanac. I began my research with this article from the Baltimore Sun:

To summarize what the article reports, the Old Farmers Almanac says that Baltimore will get a warm winter with below average snowfall. This makes me sad which is why I am glad the other Farmers Almanac exists. The Farmers Almanac says that Baltimore will experience a more cold than normal winter with a more wet and snowy winter. It highlights that there will be lots of freezing rain and it specifically marks March 20-23 for lots of winter weather. EXCITING!!! A much more reputable source, The National Weather Service says that the East Coast as a whole will experience “enhanced odds of above normal precipitation”. The accuracy of the almanacs vary by region and year but they have been around 80% accurate in temperature predictions and 70% accurate in precipitation predictions.

For my sanity, your sanity, and the staff’s sanity, snow days are very much needed. Information will come soon about snow dances, rituals, and prayers that bring plentiful snow.

Hopefully Mother Nature will bring us “blizzards and snow days and winter fun oh my!” this school year.

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  1. Arlene Barry on October 4th, 2018 9:05 am

    I love this girl!

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