An Interview with Bad Habit

May 21, 2018

On Friday May 11, I sat down with Baltimore area band, Bad Habit. Of the groups four members, I got to speak with three: Joe Sullivan (Guitar,Vocals), Sam Strauser (Drums, Vocals), and Matt Goetz (Guitar). Unfortunately, the group’s bass player Zef Zulty could not attend. Here’s how it went:

What genre of music would you say you make?

Sam Strauser: It’s kinda like alternative or hard rock.

Joe Sullivan: Yeah, I’d say close to an alternative rock.

SS: But, it’s like a mix between alternative and hard rock.

Is your sound inspired by any older groups or artists? If so, who?

JS: Not personally, I don’t really listen to the older stuff.

SS: As far as my drumming goes, it’s more of the newer stuff, but I added some older jazz stuff.

Matt Goetz: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Chuck Berry.

Who do you look up in the industry currently?

SS: Mostly newer bands like Lower than Atlantis, Hands Like Houses, and Arctic Monkeys.

MG: Maybe The Kooks.

How do you go about creating your music?

SS: It’s mostly like bouncing off ideas and building off of each others ideas.

JS: Yeah, there’s a lot of piggy backing.

MG: Joe shows me the structure of the song and I add in the fills and stuff like that.

 Are any other members of your family musical?

JS: My dad, my mom, my sister…a lot of people in my family are musical.

SS: My uncle is pretty musical. My dad plays guitar a little bit but, mostly just my uncle.

MG: Nope.

Did these family members inspire you to start the group?

SS: No, not really. I had been drumming for awhile. Well, I guess my uncle who like first taught me how to play the drums a little bit. It kinda stems from there.

JS: My dad did. My dad inspired me to do everything musical. I bounced around from a lot of different bands and after that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until I met these guys. Then I kinda figured it out.

MG: My music teacher in high school inspired me to play guitar.

Have you performed in public? If so, where?

SS: For Bad Habit, we just performed at the Fish Head Cantina and a house show.

MG and JS: Yeah, Fish Head Cantina.

 Do you plan on putting out an album or EP?

JS: Yes!

SS: Hopefully, within a couple months or so.

JS: Yeah, I think we can shoot for in about a month and a half.

MG: Nothing’s set in stone yet.

 Where can we find more news about Bad Habit?

SS: We’re on Facebook and Instagram.

JS: Should we make a Twitter? We’ll make a Twitter.

Thank you to all of the members of Bad Habit! Make sure to check them out on Facebook and on their Instagram, @badhabit_band!


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