Cell Phone Disasters

May 2, 2018

During our Shield meeting on Monday, 30 April, we were talking about our weekends and I brought up my own cell phone disaster. I dropped my phone while going to my friend’s car and shattered my phone screen completely. Sara Matvey told her own story as well. She said, “One time while I was eating sweet and sour tofu, and there was a ton of sauce left over after I put the tofu away. I was showing my mom a picture, and I dropped my phone in the sauce. Another time, I had my iPad on my bed and I threw my phone onto the bed and it fell right where the home button meets the screen and it completely shattered.”
Here are some other stories about cell phone disasters:

“My story is that at the Maryland State Fair this past year, I stuck my phone in my back pocket and it fell out while I was on a ride. It fell over ten feet–not sure how tall the ride was exactly but my case most definitely did not help. My phone bent and the glass shattered, but the case was totally fine. I got a new phone, a better screen protector, and a better case. The end.” -Lauren Baker ‘19

“I was cooking dinner and put my phone on an unlit burner on the stove, but when I went to turn down the burner I was cooking on, I accidentally turned ON the burner my phone was lying on top of. I realized my mistake when a stick of butter started to liquify, and THANK GOODNESS my phone was unharmed!!!! No third degree burns this time. My phone screen is really durable so as I was cleaning my room, I tossed a pair of nail clippers on my bed and they bounced and hit my phone screen. I drop my phone on parking lots and it remains unscratched, but this little collision with my nail clippers cracked half of my screen.” -Amanda Pugh ‘18

“I was getting into my friend’s car trunk (it was an SUV). My iPhone was in my jacket pocket but my jacket wasn’t zipped. As I closed the trunk, my jacket (with my phone) got caught between the bottom of the trunk and the door. Basically my phone was bent in half and the screen completely shattered–so yeah!!” -Allie Lijewski ‘18

“I was in 6th grade and had only had a phone for about half a year at this point. I had just gotten back from a stay-away trip that lasted a week. I was tired and threw my clothes in the wash instantly. We spent three days trying to track my phone, we even called detectives to trace it thinking it was stolen. Later that week I was folding my washed clothes and it fell out of my back pocket and still worked. However the display was completely distorted and I had to use an outdated phone for the rest of the one and a half years until my upgrade.” -Abagail Salisbury ‘21

“A few years ago I left my phone on the coffee table in the living room and I came home from school and my dog had chewed it to pieces.” -Lindsey Hammel ‘20

“Two years ago, I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet. A week later, I got my replacement phone and went out to Panera to celebrate. Apparently, I hadn’t learned my lesson, and I took my phone into the bathroom, where I dropped and shattered it on the floor.” -Liv Barry ‘20

”My sister, Sammie, was at college and went to go and wash her laundry. She put her phone on top of her dirty clothes and put the clothes in the washing machine. Once she had started it and the machine was locked, she had realized her phone was inside. She had to get a new one after that.” -Kari Maygers ‘19

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