May 8, 2018

Cinder is the science-fiction retelling of the classic story of Cinderella. Unlike the original Cinderella story, it has an evil queen who rules the moon, a plague outbreak, spaceships, and cyborgs. The story is set in New Beijing, a futuristic version of Beijing, China, and follows the main character, Linh Cinder. Cinder is a teenage girl who, as a result of an accident at a young age, is now a cyborg. Parts of her body, such as her hand and foot, were replaced with mechanical parts, and she also has a computer interface embedded into her brain. Because of her cybernetic replacements, she is responsible for maintaining them. Over the years of maintaining her mechanical replacements, and along with the help of the computer interface in her brain, she has become a great mechanic and gains the title of being the best mechanic in New Beijing. Although Cinder is a great mechanic, her cyborg replacements are more of a misfortune than a blessing. They are more of a misfortune because, in New Beijing, cyborgs are not treated as equally as the other citizens because over the years there have been a number of attacks by cyborgs against other citizens. Due to the attacks, the government passed a Cyborg Draft, that makes any cyborg the property of their guardian until a certain age. For Cinder, the worst part of being a cyborg is the treatment that she receives from her guardian, Linh Adri, and stepsister, Linh Pearl. The only friends she has are her youngest sister, Linh Peony, and talking android, Iko.

Around the world then there has been an outbreak of a deadly and incurable plague called Letumosis. One day, while working in her mechanics shop at the market, Cinder receives a visit from the Prince of New Beijing hoping that she can fix his android that contains information on the Lunar Queen. Soon after the visit, Cinder’s stepsister, Peony contracts the plague after visiting a junkyard with her. Her stepmother blames Cinder and as punishment, she gives Cinder to the research facility that is located in the palace. The palace facility intends to use her as a test subject to find a cure for the disease, and for her service, her stepmother will receive a payment of compensation. Cinder is very scared to go, knowing all of the previous test subjects have died from the disease, and has to be tranquillized.

These events lead Cinder on a journey to find out more about herself and her family history. This book is the beginning of a thrilling adventure that takes Cinder and Iko to new worlds and to new friendships.

Cinder is the first book in the “Lunar Chronicles” series by New York Times best-selling author Marissa Meyer and is followed by Scarlet, Cress, and Winter.

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  1. Madison Bannerman on October 1st, 2018 10:12 am

    This is amazing. I’ve read this book multiple times, and because of this, I might read it again!!!

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