how many of us?

March 5, 2018

 A view point from the students to bring awareness to the issue of gun policy and gun violence 

everything was coming together

now he knew what senior year meant

and Samuel Zeif was starting to appreciate

his four years at highschool he had spent

that school he once called home

 it was somewhere so safe and secure

but ever since February 14

he can never be really sure

Imagine, 3 brothers and a father

and they thought she was safe

their only sister, his only daughter

now she’s in a different place

Tell me, why is it possible

 for this guy to come into school

shoot 9 shots into Meadow Pollack

and let her blood flow out in a pool

how in the world is it possible

for a man to carry a gun

fatally shoot 20 Sandy Hook students

all of them being very young

Isaiah Shoels had big dreams for his life

he was going to school for the arts

but 2 gunmen came into Columbine that day

and shot that dream right out of  his heart

We the students, need you to listen

we really want you to see

that your guns are causing destruction

rather than protecting the land of the free

I’m tired of hearing that kids like me

had lives and their completely gone

because over and over again you ignored

ALL the red flags that were drawn

We don’t want to take away your guns

we want a generation that survives

And how are we going to lend a voice

If your guns are taking away our lives

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