A Knife of Never Letting Go

March 14, 2018

A Knife of Never Letting Go, the first book in the science fiction series Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness, follows the story of Todd Hewitt. Todd Hewitt, an uneducated twelve-year-old boy, lives in Prentisstown on the planet of New World, a world that is home to only men who can hear each other’s thoughts in a series of noise, uncontrollable thoughts that can be heard without actually speaking, and images. Todd is the only boy left in the town, meaning that he has not turned thirteen yet. Todd cannot remember seeing a real girl in person, only through the noise of the the men in the town. But as his thirteenth birthday draws near, while he and his dog, Manchee, are out walking in the swamp, he finds a hole in the noise, or complete silence. As he goes to find the source of the mysterious silence, which is a foreign concept in this world where you can even hear the voices of animals and the whispers of trees, he finds a girl. The discovery of the girl in the swamp sets off a chain of events that completely alters the image of the town that Todd thought he knew; the town was keeping a big secret. Todd, Manchee, and the girl, Viola, run away from the town. Todd’s departure from the town infuriates the mayor. The mayor orders his army to go after Todd and bring him back because without him he cannot finish his plan.

The author does an amazing job of writing through the eyes of the main character. Since Todd cannot read and does not write often, there are noticeable spelling errors through out the story that shows the book to be a journal that was written by someone who is very limited in his education. The story is certainly one that does not fail to surprise you or make you squirm at some of the descriptions. It is truly a story of determination for fighting for the truth and hope of a better life. The film adaptation for the novel is set to be released spring of 2019, and stars Spider-Man Tom Holland, and Stars Wars star Daisy Ridley.

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