Mercy’s Robotics Team… Yes, We Have One!

March 5, 2018

This year Ms. Melinda Johnson started Mercy’s newest club, the Robotics Team. Robotics meets on Mondays after school until 4:30. The Robotics Team’s room is 218 B. The room is filled with partially made robots and parts. The floor has a metal arena filled with foam balls that fully built and programmed robots can throw around. Most robots are still being built but one is able to fully function.

The team, which formed at the beginning of the school year, has about 12 members from all year levels. Mercy’s robotics team is divided into several sub teams so that worktables do not get too crowded. Sub teams have anywhere from two today  five members. The first couple of meetings were spent organizing parts into several rolling cabinets.  Students began building VEX robots with hopes to compete during the 2018-2019 school year.

Building the robot is very tedious. The parts used include everything from long metal poles to tiny screws. It is very easy to assemble the robot incorrectly, meaning that constant checking and reviewing work is a must. Been Mulugeta ’20 says that the instructions for the robots are similar to Ikea instructions, which have no words, only pictures.

Robotics has been taking the country by storm. Students all over the country have been participating in robotics. According to VEX Robotics, over one million students and over 22,000 schools in 40+ countries participate in Robotics. Why? Careers in STEAM and STEM fields are becoming more and more popular with high school students, most likely because computers are an always growing part of our daily life. VEX’s values include creativity, iteration, and quality. If you have ever seen the VEX World Championships on television, than you definitely understand how many people take part in this.

The team’s future plans are to enter competitions, which is their goal going into next year. At competitions, the team will compete against local schools and teams. Make sure to join Mercy’s robotics team next school year!

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