Hack into What Women in Technology Students are Up To

December 6, 2017

Women in Technology (WIT) is one of four special programs at Mercy,  and it has been at Mercy for about five years. Previously, WIT has not had a huge presence within our school, but all of this is making a change for the better. The new director of WIT and IT, Ms. Melinda Johnson, is helping students to become more involved within our school. Ms. Johnson started working at Mercy in 2006, but took some time off in 2014. Now she is back and better than ever! Ms. Johnson teaches cyber security and moderates the Robotics Team.

Students in WIT now have to complete a school service requirement. Students can pick from a few different options which are the following: IT help desk, cleaning up the computer labs, printing services, and more. WIT members participating in help desk meet with Ms. Johnson during their free period and help teachers with tech related problems. Each student in WIT has to complete one class period of school service each quarter. Students still go on field trips; there is just more opportunity to get involved.

Recently, WIT students went on an exciting field trip to the National Cryptologic Museum in Arundel Mills. The museum included some of the first computers and a model of the German Enigma Cypher. After the tour of the museum, students had a class on piracy, viruses, and hackers. After the informational class, students went to Chick-Fil-A and had a delicious lunch. This year will hold many more fun field trips.

WIT students are hoping to go on more trips and listen to more speakers. During a recent meeting students discussed going on trips to places like Google offices and museums in Washington D.C. over another yummy Chick-Fil-A lunch. Women in Technology is making big steps to become the special program all members want it to be.

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  1. Mr. Maerzke on January 25th, 2018 9:54 am

    This really is an awesome program. When I was in high school there was nothing like this. As a student who had an interest in computer programming, I had to wait until college to start really studying the latest in technology. It’s so cool to see this kind of focus on technology at the high school level. Plus Chick-Fil-A? Come on. That’s awesome.

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