Poetry Assembly

November 27, 2017

Four of our own Mercy girls were selected last Tuesday, November 7th, to read their own poetry at our inaugural Poetry Assembly. We began the assembly with a poem from each girl: Meg Kennedy ‘20, Olivia Barry ‘20, Blen Mulugeta ‘20, and Julia Shovan ‘18.

We then heard from Ms. Lynne Spigelmire Viti ‘65, a teacher at Wellesley College and has a Ph.D in English. She read selections her from book of poetry titled Baltimore Girls that was published earlier this year. She read her poems which discussed life in Baltimore some topics included her experience with young love to witnessing a girl in class using an eyelash curler during her years at Mercy. Her poems allowed the Mercy community to feel united with other alumnae and their experiences.

One of the student readers, Blen Mulugeta said , “I was very proud of myself because I have never read my poetry out loud, except for in Lance, of course. I don’t really want my poetry to make it big or anything; it’s just a style of art I love and enjoy. I use it to express myself and really just write for myself because it makes me feel good.”

Olivia Barry, who wrote the poem bob ross, said “It was nerve wracking and then after, I felt very proud.”

Julia Shovan, writer of Charlotte, said “I hope my poems left an impact on those who had heard it and made them think.”


What is beauty?
Staring at you, tucked in flowers
I think I have never seen someone more beautiful
I want to reach out and shake you
Tell you to wake up
I almost expect you to move
To say “Wow! I haven’t seen you in forever.”
But instead your eyes are pressed shut
And you are flawless, even in slumber.
Your beauty touches everyone
Your sister, who cries against my shoulder
Your mother, who’s smile is crooked and sad
It touches me too
Like a cold steel rod shot into my heart
Any icy realization
My mom shakes beside me and grips my hand
And everything is beautiful

– Julia Shovan ‘18

Shoe Box Poem

On the Outside I appear as,
Blinking eyes and raised eyebrows.
Pinched fingers on the bridge of your nose.
Tense muscles and sharp eyes.
Piles of mismatched papers and items I cannot find.
Squinted eyes and a scrunched up nose.
Infomercials that seem to come on at an ungodly hour .

On the inside I am,
The ocean deep and undiscovered.
Blending and mixing and mismatching.
The crumpled paper that misses the trash shoot.
Sparkles that twinkle and catch anyone’s attention.
Gritted teeth and the urge to shout but the fear of being ignored.
The dark corner everyone seems to be drawn towards.

-Blen Mulugeta ‘20

bob ross

sometimes i wish
to live with
the happy little trees.

a world of greens and blues,
carefully carved out
across a canvas never used.

mountain peaks stretching,
awakening from their slumber

crystal lakes combing through the forest,
announcing their presence in middle of the frame

maybe there’ll be the occasional bird,
guided by the languid clouds
curling and entwining with the horizon.

the sun,
a tranquil ball of light,
watches over the undisturbed scene with bleary eyes.

a harmonious scene,
set between picture frame,
leaving one wondering
if this peace can ever be reached.

-Olivia Barry ‘20


On the outside, I am the yellow sundress your sister wears to church Saturday night, flowing and moving and unconfined. The air hot and smooth as the man in purple, saunters left to right down my summered streets. I am the Sunday afternoon on which your aunts gather for watermelon and book club. I am the astrology sign that you never read. I watch you, sunglasses and barefooted, the mellow radiance beaming off the tip of your thin framed glasses.
On the inside, I am the deep green shawl your mother drapes around her like the vines of your favorite tree in my yard. I am constantly flipping upside down, changing and turning like the cast of a play. Similar faces play the same roles, yet I am still an original member, still here, still singing, still waiting for my queue.

– Meg Kennedy ‘20

All of these Mercy girls have worked hard to prepare and perfect their poetry in the Digital Publicaton: Lance, a creative writing class new to this year. They have been working on several forms of poetry and fiction working on topics from strong imagery to character development.

Overall, the asssembly opened up the arts to our community in a new way, and more exciting celebrations of the arts and our students are to come.


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