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November 15, 2017


According to a report released on September 27, 2017, some of our favorite fast foods could have more detrimental effects than we realize. This report took 25 of the biggest fast food chains in the United States and graded them on whether or not they have taken action to reduce the amount of antibiotics in their food. Only 14 of the 25 food chains passed with grades ranging from D to A. If fast food industries do not make an effort to cut back on the antibiotics, we may ingest “superbugs” that we do not have resistance to. Fast food may be quick, but less or no meat at all may be the healthier alternative. With so many reasons as to why not to eat fast food, what will it take for people to drastically change their eating habits? I sat down with Mercy’s own Lisa Eibner ‘18, who has made a significant change in her diet and lifestyle. Lisa Eibner became a vegetarian several years ago and encourages others to make the same choice to cut meat out of her life for good.

Why should we become vegetarians anyway? Besides the obvious health benefits of a fruit and vegetable based diet, Lisa’s monumental decision was heavily influenced by the relationship we have with animals. “They are super important beings to be connected with, and a lot of them are going extinct, which is a universal sign for us,” she says.

For many who have even considered becoming a vegetarian, the pressing question is,“What do I eat for protein?” Lisa expresses the importance of protein intake. “I’m always making sure I’m getting enough protein. For protein, I eat tons of beans, tofu, peanuts, vegetables, and vegetarian meat, which is amazing–believe it or not!”

Being a vegetarian with three balanced diets a day may seem like a challenge for those of us who do not have the same lifestyle. Lisa graciously shared her daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine for a balanced diet. “For breakfast, I usually have vegetarian sausage, vegetarian patties, sometimes eggs, cereal, waffles, yogurt with nuts and bananas. My lunch usually consists of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, yogurt, salads, vegetarian chicken nuggets, you name it–I eat it!”  she exclaimed. “I usually eat vegetarian chili, vegetarian burgers, salads, and lots of vegetables for dinner.”

“A life without meat is so much healthier for us and the world. With all the research about how harmful meat- especially fast food- is for us, why would we continue to eat it? Scientists have recently discovered that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters anyways!” Lisa added.

Lisa’s insight into a day in the life of a vegetarian has made a meatless lifestyle ever more appealing. However, the decision is ultimately to you- Will you cut meat out of your diet?




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