Herstory Banquet

March 27, 2017

On Wednesday, March 8th, the freshmen held the annual Herstory Banquet. It was a fun day filled with great fun and fun activities. The banquet is set in Florence, Italy in the 1500’s. Students were assigned an influential woman, such as Marie Curie and Pocahontas. Mr. Daniel Munns and Ms. Kathryn Burke (as Anne Boylen) also dressed up as our tour guides. To start the day, students went into the gym to learn about Florence and each other’s women. The introductory videos were shown and Camille Carlino’s won by a landslide with Destiny Edwards’ coming in second. Before lunch students conducted more interviews of each other to learn even more.

Everyone was very excited about lunch. Every student had to bring a dish or dessert that was eaten during their woman’s lifetime. Students brought everything from pasta to bread to cheesecake. After eating all of the food, students went on to small classes. The classes were illuminated manuscripts with Ms. Melanie Coburn, sonnets with Ms. Kitty Yanson, calligraphy with Mr.Michael Klein, and Renaissance dancing with Ms. Gloria Lang. Lastly, students had time to reflect on their day and work on their scrapbook before being dismissed. Students had a great time and had fun learning about history.

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