Excluded Ella

February 27, 2017


Dear Caring Clementine,

I sit with people some people at lunch who I don’t have classes with . They tend to talk about stuff that happened in their classes and they always have jokes and such. They are nice people but I feel really excluded.


Excluded Ella


Dear Excluded Ella,

If you feel as though the conversation is straying into unfamiliar territory, you can try steering the conversation towards other topics, or you can ask for clarification. Another thing you can try is sitting with people that are in the same classes as you or are in the same extracurricular activities as you. If you play any sports, you can always make new friends through sports. There is a variety of people that may have similar interests to you. Try spending time with a variety of people and you may become friends with someone you never thought you would be friends with. You don’t always have to sit or be with the same people.


Caring Clementine

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  1. Caring Clementine '16 on May 30th, 2017 8:49 pm

    I am extremely satisfied to see that Caring Clem is still someone the Mercy community can still write to. The advice given above is not only helpful in high school, but throughout different areas in life.
    Great job!

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