Trivia Crack

December 5, 2016

Do you have a head full of messy facts? Do you like trivia? If someone could look at your brain, would they find a bunch of random facts hidden in there? This is pretty accurate for me. I found the perfect app for people like me, people full of random facts. This app is called Trivia Crack.

In Trivia Crack, you play an opponent, either a friend or random person, and test your trivia skills. When playing, you spin the wheel and it chooses what category your question comes from: sports, art, science, entertainment, history, or geography. There’s also a section on the wheel where you choose whether you challenge them or get a crown. If you hit the crown, you choose which category you want your question from. If you challenge your opponent, then you both get the same series of questions, one question from each category, and whoever wins gets the crown. When you challenge, you have to choose which crown you want to gain and which one you want to lose. The whole point of the game is to get the most crowns first and to win.

I usually play my friends and even my family. About a year ago, I would play one of my best friends, and we would get so into the game, just playing against each other back and forth. Sitting next to each other we’d help the other play games against other people and try to mess each other up. We don’t play as much now due to school work, but we always try to fit in a game here and there.

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