Christmas Traditions Throughout Mercy

December 13, 2016

Mercy is known for its diversity through its cultures and races, but what about the smaller things like Christmas traditions? Christmas season is upon us and instead of eating raw cookie dough and listening to Mariah Carey nonstop, learning about Christmas traditions that our peers have and we might share is always fun.

Students Erin Smearman ’20, Hannah Jane Zemanski ’20, and Heather Shanty ’20 all have varied traditions. Erin’s family is divided, one half likes the Ravens and the other likes the Steelers. They watch the Ravens vs Steelers game together, then open presents. Hannah Jane’s family opens a pair of new pajamas on Christmas Eve so that they have something new to sleep in and wake up in on Christmas morning. Lastly, Heather’s family’s tradition is not necessarily for Christmas, but is still for the holidays. Her mother puts out thirteen different fruits to help bring good luck in for the new year.

Every year Alex Lichtner ’17 makes sure that she has a stocking for all of her pets.Each pet gets a gift. Her dog always gets a new bone, her cat, a new mouse toy, but her new kitten is getting coal this year (it has been climbing the Christmas tree!).

Ms. Kitty Yanson’s Polish family passes around Oplatek (pronounced opwatek), which is like an unconsecrated host, and they give each other their Christmas wishes. This is a central European Christmas custom.

Lastly, Olivia Barry ’20 goes to a Christmas shop every year with her family and buys a new ornament every year. Olivia’s family goes on the third week of December every year and also buys a live tree while they are there.

If you have a favorite custom, add it to the comment area below!

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